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chapter 14





The look on skyler’s face was that of shock.


She ran into my arms in tears like a 2years old kid.


I took the towel on the floor and covered her body with it before attending to Mr f**ker here.


He stood up ready to fight back.


But he was no match for me


As I gav


e him the beating of his stupid life.


“Didn’t Your momma ever teach you not to hurt a lady” I growled at him as he flinched in fear.


“Am sorry please it was a mistake ” he pleaded with bursted lips and swollen face.


“Listen and listen good skyler gray is my girlfriend and ion want to ever see you close to her ever in your stupid life or else I will scratch off your face, cut off your two arms and legs along side your balls


“You will be rolling on the street faceless, arm less, leg less and ball less. Let me see how you gonna be able to f**k ever again.



“Now get your stinky head outta my sight before I change my mind” I yelled at him scaring the living day light outta him as he ran outta her room.


She ran to me in tears as she hugged me tightly.


“He was gonna hurt me” she cried like a baby.


Woow so this is my billionaire boss looking so fragile.


“Its okay babe he won’t be able to hurt you again am here now” I said into her hair as I kissed her forehead.


I took her to the bed and made her seat while I get her drinking water


I came back almost immediately with a glass of water.


She took it from me and drank all of water I guess she is still shock about what was about to happen.


She was still clinging onto me like I would run away


“Tell me how did you find me huh” she asked dryly


“It seems you dialed my line unknowingly, I heard faint sounds, so I guessed you we’re in trouble, tracked this place through your phone GPS ” I said still stroking her hair.


“Thanks I owe you a bunch ” she said childishly


“Don’t thank me let’s just say we are even now ” I teased.





I kept clinging onto him like a 2year old.


He just saved my ass out there even after I tried to push him away.



but hold on a minute why did he claimed to be my boyfriend infront of Phillip when ion even know what we are currently.


We ain’t f**k buddies neither are we lovers.





I must admit Davis is a funny dude, he talked about so many things, I laughed on several interval.


He Is full of life, I can’t help but love his more.


Its was time to go back home but I didn’t want him to go I wanted him to spend the night with me but the only way to that is to add more fun to the gist.


I excorted him to the door step, he wanted to say good bye when I dragged him by


the collar and crashed my lips on his, he reciprocated immediately


I rapped my legs around him as he took me to the couch.


He placed me gently on it not breaking the kiss.. I hungrily forced his shirt open as his tiny buttons came flying on the floor making tingling sounds that made me more horny.


He brought his head to my chest and used hid teeth to loosen the robe on my nightie.


I dug my finger nails into his flesh as I felt his warm lips on my pink hard nipples. I seriously can’t get enough of him and have decided here And now that am not letting him go I don’t care what people will think or say about it I just wanna be with him all the time, I can’t help it any more.


He sucked on my tummy then to my belly button making me shiver.


He such an expert in getting any lady under his command.


He trailed his fingers down to my wet honey pot he smiled when he noticed I wasn’t wearing panties.


He sent kisses all over my face down to my p****y lips before sucking on my cunt. I moaned out loud when he used his tongue on my clit damn this feeling is worth screaming for.


I closed my eyes as I felt jellies.





Her cunt felt so good on my lips, she shivered in to my touch.


I stopped sucking her cunt when I noticed she was about to cum, I pulled down my trousers and brought out my erected beast she knelt before me and sucked my d**k she is so good at deep. Throat sucking I closed my eyes lettin


g the pleasure get to my brain.


Damn you skyler gray ion care what you thinking but am never gonna let you go away from me


You more like an addiction.


She stopped sucking and laid on the floor waiting for my beast.


I knelt in between her legs, I slide my c***k into her cunt gently and rested her legs on my shoulder.


I called my eyes halfway as our moans filled the whole place.


I just love every shape of her


“Say my name kitten” I said in a husky voice


She moaned in a sΒ£xy voice


“”Oh davis f***k me harder”she said in a moan.



Thrusting into her like we making love


I groaned softly as we both reached climax


I collapsed onto her trying to catch my breath.


.” that was one amazing love making ” skyler complemented for the first ever.


I looked at her in superise but she shrugs it off.




We went back upstairs to clean up


She suggested we bath together


Which we did and added another quickie



Sex in the shower hmmm





my crazy but erotic romance


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