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chapter 18





“What?? ”


Did she just say she loved me??


“Yes davis I love you I can’t fight back anymore ” she muttered with her eyes shot tightly


I stepped away from her for a brief moment


Am not even sure if what we feel for each other is love


I looked at the beautiful view of Paris with my hands shoved into my pocket through the glass sky crapper


How did I fall so easily for her, I never imagined myself falling in love with her


I turned to look at her, she had tears in those cute cat eyes of hers that melted my heart


I walked back to her and pulled her into a warm hug


“Shh princesses don’t cry, I love to you too had always loved you ” I cooed rocking my smooth hair.


“I was just scared you might reject me considering your status ” I said and kissed her forehead


She cried more like a baby


“Let’s make work davis I can’t hold back much longer the more I try to fight this feeling it get more intense. I love you davis and ion care what the word thinks” she muttered


“What about your parents “i asked






“Forget about them am not bothered besides its my life and my choice not theirs. You might be an ordinary PA to the rest of the world but to me you more than that ” I said still clinging onto him


I love the way he smelt and his warm breath turns me on my face is something else


“I love you davis ” I said and kissed him tenderly as he reciprocated immediately


a passionate kiss not too fast and not too slow


It was a kiss that interpreted our love for each other


I never wanted it to stop but we had to stop.


“Common let’s get going ” he said and locked my fingers with his


I nod


We walked hand in hand to the conference room exit only to see the angry face


Of mr gray my father. He looked so so angry I guess he had everything in at the conference room.


Uh oh what’s gonna happen now



I glance at davis but he had this expressionless face on


Wondering what’s going on in his mind




What’s gonna happen to this two crazy love bird now??



my crazy and erotic romance

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