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chapter 12






We cuddled all day, I woke up later to see skyler still sleeping peacefully with head resting on my chest.. Some how I felt strong and happy she is here with me.



I couldn’t help but admire her, I stole a kiss from her..


She looked so beautiful with her small pink lips slightly opened.


“What are you doing to me skyler gray ”


Thinking about her alone gives a hard on, I cursed underneath.


She murmured something I didn’t hear clearly before she flushed her eyes open. We shared an eye lock, I was tempted to take her lips and I did,


I crashed my lips on hers tenderly with both tongue moving in dominance.


She trailed her soft palm up and down my bare chest, she pinched my nipple making me groan even more, as my d****k became even more erected


She looked my nipple in her mouth and sucked them, jeez the feeling is great, I love it when my nipple is being played with, I moaned with my eyes shut.


She used her tongue on all my body down to my waist line, she brought out my d***k and started stroking it faster


I brought my hands to her top and pulled it over a head, I hissed when I saw those cute J J cups trapped in a bra.


She unhooked it herself and dumped it somewhere in the room.


I smooched her b***bs and pinch her nipple making her moan in pleasure.


She brought her warm lips to my d***k head and teased the tip making me shutter in pleasure.


She chew on it teasingly she took all my scrotum in her mouth and sucked em wet. I felt my orgasms building up but I made it subside I can’t cum now.


I wonder where she learn to give BJ like that.


She left my beast and sat on top on me kissing and fondling with my hair, I squeezed her b***bs with my free hand ss she moaned into my mouth.



I trailed my hands down to her pant, I felt the fabric on my hand, turns out to be another girl secret pant.


How I so much love em fabric I grabbed hold of both edges as I ripped it off she gasps.


I held her waist firmly and made her rock my shaft before inserting my beast into her tight honey pot.


Today she is gonna be the one to f***k me.


I won’t lie she knows how to handle her man. I moaned like crazy as she ride me to hell.


She stood up and laid on her back with her legs apart revealing her cute p****y lips. I sucked it and used my tongue in teasing her inside she went all jellies due to


pleasure, her orgasms came splashing on my face.



I insterted my beast into her and kept thrusting into her gently as our moans filled the room.


My orgasms we’re building up fast again so I made her b**bs f***k me.. Omg it feels so good as I groaned softly


Have never been b***b f***ked before she is my first.


My beast was trapped in between those soft b***b


I so much enjoying it that I didn’t know when I said the unbelievable.


“God I love you so much skyler” I groaned as my cum came out splashing all over her b***bs she licked them up.


We both went to shower without speaking to each other, I really hate the silence but ion know what to say to her, she probably thinks am not up to her standard.. When she had regained her strength she left without looking at me I laid down tiredly.


What did I just say?? Do I really love her?? Am in a crossed roads now.






Did he just say he loved me?? Some how a part of me is extremely happy to know he loves me but am also sad because he is a play boy and my personal assistant too.



What will people think of us, i know my dad won’t be against it because both dads are friends but davis doesn’t know this. Fucking with him every time is really bad of me.


She end this soonest before someone gets hurt


I can’t be f**king my personal assistant, its not right I need to find a way to kill this feeling I have for him.


Oh jeez what’s happening to almighty skyler gray, what happened to my new rules of not falling in love again??? I hit my steering wheel angrily as I drove straight to my pent house


I just need to cool off


But wait oh can I ever be able to resist davis?





my crazy but erotic romance


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