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chapter 20





They think I can be gotten rid of easily “Ttch think again.


I’m gonna that davis boy pay for the humiliation he caused me.



Just because he is cute doesn’t mean he can come from nowhere and take what’s rightfully mine.


I had to make some background check on him and I found out some interesting facts from one is whores


Turns out our cute perfect boyfriend is a big time player.


I also got some pictures of their scenario and mailed it to mr gray, I said awful things about davis to mr gray so that he is gonna hate him..


Yeah I just had to use the old man he is the perfect person to change sky’s mind about davis.


Skyler gray and all of her wealth is mine and I won’t stop at nothing to get what I want even if it means killing her dad.


I called mr gray and played the good guy part trust me I successfully deceived him , I can’t believe all mighty mr gray is apologizing to me.


I sipped from my glass of wine as catty walked in and sat on my thighs


Catty is my sΒ£x doll, she is A very bitch tho.



She planted soft kisses on my face


“Bad Kitty huh” I whisper and buried my face on her b”””bs


“I want you now baby” she said seductively and trailed her hands up and down my abs. More from Topster–stories


I grabbed her ss and spanked it as she let out a crazy moan.


She brought her lips to mine and kissed me aggressively like her life depends on it. ********


To cut the long story short I f***ked her to eternity






Its been a week since I came back to las Angeles, a week since I was stripped off my work, week since I last saw sky…


Love is crazy and wicked!!! maybe it wasn’t meant for me,


I fell so much in love with her not because of her wealth or tittle but because she is the only person that makes me happy after my mom.


This past week without talking to sky is more like a torture to me.


Went back to being the old davis that has the heart of fire, but this ice queen melted my soul.


I grew more grumpy and get pissed easily, avoided my friends and drink more often,


Let’s just say ahcohol is now my comforter.


(This story was written by munay munick)



It was a Friday night, I got clad in some rugged jean and a black tee



haven’t shaved for days now so my face looked kinda rough but still cute even at that.


I arrived at the pub everywhere was blasting with loud music you could barely hear yourself.


Went straight to the bar and ordered for some shots Bitches were all stealing glances at me


Even the ones with their boyfriends ptweew yes I know am cute so was the rocket about


There was this particular red haired seating at a corner alone she kept winking at me but I paid less attention for I was tipsy


She suddenly stood up and walked up to me she sat close by me



“Hey hotty I see you came alone, come to me baby I promise am gonna take your loneliness away ” she said quietly and used her hands to fondle with my hair


Swears I love it when sky plays with my hair with those soft hands of hers


“No thanks am good now back off ” I groaned and continue with my drink


“Scared am gonna f***k the hell outta your small d***k ” she said with an eye roll


I chuckled at her statement she doesn’t know who she is dealing with yet am just being cool


“Scaredy cat with the pinky size like d****k” sh said with a scoff


This got me infuriated I really need to teach her a lesson


I grabbed her hand forcefully and pulled her towards the bathroom section.


She looked somehow surprise, wait till she sees what I can actually do to her p****y


you called my d**k small right, am gonna make you beg for mercy” I growled at her as I removed my belt and used it to tie her hands up. With her *ss now facing me


I grabbed hold of her pantie and ripped it aggressively she moan like a bitch she is. I spanked her repeatedly as she moan out loud.


i pull down my jean and brought out my beast she saw the size through the mirror and gasps


Guess she is starting to regret ever running her mouth.


I inserted it into her asshole and ke


pt thrusting into her with speed.


She moaned out in pain mixed with pleasure.


I grabbed a hand full of her red hair and increased my tempo.


She had the look of displeased on her face.


“Take a look at your reflection bitch, this well teach you a bitter lesson of your life”. I said huskily


I didn’t stop there. I removed my beast from her asshole as she squirt continuously her legs are now jellies.


Am not through with her yet


I inserted my beast into her honey and added more tempo as I f***k the hell outta her, she had tears in her eyes already but nope ain’t stopping yet am gonna make sure she is unable to walk for a while.


I inserted three of my finger into her ass she moan in a scream but nobody will be able to hear her due to the loud music.


“Look at your reflection bitch and see how am f**king you,” I groaned and pulled her hair back making her wince in pain . she looked at the mirror as I commanded.


“Are you gonna ever start a war you can’t finish in your entire stupid life? ” I said harshly and spank her *ss more.



“No please I can’t take it anymore please ” she said along side a moan.


But I paid deaf ears.


Am not even close to done yet.




I f**ked her for good 75minutes before I finally reached climax.


She was so worn out, that should teach her a lesson.



She couldn’t say anything as she glared at me



Who cares tho



I arranged my clothes and pushed my hair back slightly. I smirked before


Leaving her to herself.





my crazy and erotic romance







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