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chapter 11






I walked into his room only to find him looking all sick and pale jeez what happened.


I rushed to his side and placed my palm on his head, Omg he has a high fever..


” davis are you okay? I asked with concern.


He couldn’t talk he just nodded indicating he is find but I know he is not.


I rushed downstairs to his kitchen I took a clean bowl and filled it with warm water and went back to his room.


I might be a rich brat but my mum never failed in teaching me how to cater for a man.


I bent in front of his bed, I dipped a clean soft towel in the water, squeeze it and used to massage his forehead a bit till his temperature calmed a bit.



“Have You eaten? I asked


He nodded with his eyes closed


Swears haven’t seen him in vulnerable state like this.


I went back to the kitchen and brought all the ingredients needed to prepare chicken soup..


I saw freshly packed chicken wings in the fridge.




I was done in 30minutes. I took it raced back to his room Made him seat up as I tuck a pillow at his back.


“Open up davis in order to get strong you need to take the soup” I said as I brought the soup to his lip which he parted slightly and made a funny face as he swallowed it.


All this while he kept looking at my face like there was something on it.


“Thank You ” he muttered quietly.


“Its nothing ” I said dryly.


He avert his gaze from my face down to my lip, oh how I wish he could just give me a kiss I thought inwardly.





Wow she an angel masked up in a bossy disguise.


I wonder what would have happen if she had not come to my rescue,


Why do I always feel this way towards here,. Should I call this feeling love??


I kept looking at lips as our faces were inch apart with sweet strawberry scent She looked away shyly


“Look at me sky” I said in a whisper tune.


Immediately she did that I landed my lips on hers tenderly, and in a loving way.


I hold on to her soft hair as I kiss her passionately..


I broke the kiss afterwards, somehow she is so special to me..


“Thank you so much for being there for me” I manage to say.


“Its nothing OK and stop thanking me” she said.


I nods and clear my throat


“Looks like you okay, I should get going ” she said with a shrug.


She wanted to go but I held her hand telling her to stay with me.


“Please don’t go, if go now I will be left all alone,. Please stay alittle longer with me baby girl “I mumbled.


She beamed in excitement.


I rest my head on her laps I could see the look of surprise in her eyes.


I closed my eyes halfway as she fondled with my hair.



“Please tell me a story “I bugged like a two years old


“Lol davis how do you expect your boss to tell you a bed time story” she said with a grin while I scoffs.


“What ever” I rolled my eyes.




She kept playing with my hair till we both end up sleeping and cuddling in each others arm.


I think am in love





my crazy but erotic romance

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