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chapter 9





It was my boss


I lost my balance, we fell on the floor with her on top of me, our breath fanning each other,



she didn’t do anything she just stood that way staring at me as if she wants to figure out something..


“Davis what are you doing to my body “she whispers like she is gonna kiss me.


“Why does your touch make me long for more” she said planting kisses on my lips


I couldn’t tell her also feel the same way I also long for her body.


“Stop doing that ice queen someone might see you like this”I said trying to get her off me.


She stood and arrange her dress.


Damn how I love seeing my ladies in those s£xy little thing.


“Let me give a ride home ” she offered.


I nodded in agreement


We walked to her car in silence, I wonder why tho.


Immediately we got into the car she dragged my collar aggressive and crashed her lips on mine.



So she dropping me at home was a trap to tape me in her car She entangled her hands on my neck as a deepen the kiss.


I brought my hands down to her thigh to her p***y area her pant we’re soaking wet


.. I teased her with it making her moan into my mouth.


I growled on seeing my hardness. Her body is intoxicating I can’t get enough of her.


I shifted her pant and inserted a finger into her honey pot.


I thrust in and her honey pot tenderly making her moan sweetly in my ears.


I kissed her ears and bit them as she shuttered into my touch.


“Please f***k me, I can’t hold it much longer “she said lustfully.


Sex in The car isn’t such a bad idea tho but am not gonna f***k her am gonna punish her.


She can’t come and go whenever she feel like, am not her s£x toy


I bent slightly like I was gonna kiss but no I said something to her that got her surprise.


“Sorry lady gaga but am not gonna f***k You till you beg me and tell me how I make you feel” I said and stepped down from her car.


I got into a taxi and zoom off, that will teach her a lesson…


i arrived at my apartment 15minutes later.


I was almost in my room when mom call calm.


How I miss her so much. I picked the call and her sweet voice came up



king baby! How you ” she said happily from the other end



mum! Am fine I miss you guys so much and guess what mom have got a job here in LA ” I said picking up a pack of cereal



really soon am happy for you. We miss you more, hope to see you this summer and make sure you come with a pretty senorita dear” she said


sure mom, bye mom talk later ” I said and ended the call I know where the conversation Is heading to which I don’t want to discuss for now..


I went. To my room for a veery nice bathroom before changing into something.. .


Jugged downstairs afterwards


I sat down on the chair tiredly eating cereal and peanut. When another call came in, I look at the screen of my phone to check who it was. It was james my crazy friend, with him there is never a dull moment.


hey bro” I said still eating cereal



am good bitch change into something nice quickly and come downstairs


am at the parking lot “he said before hanging up not giving me the chance to ask


any questions.





I came out later on clad in black rugged jean timberland and a body hug shirt showing off my abs any girl will go crazy seeing this.


James said we’re going to a birthday party at his side chick’s apartment.


An after party is what I needed at the moment.




We arrived at the venue later, james parked the car properly immediately I stepped out all eyes we’re on me.


But I don’t care tho


Got inside where the actual party was going on,


It was then it came to my notice that its mostly girls in party.just few guys


I couldn’t believe my eyes they were all naked. Some were masturbating, while some were still dancing to the beat.


I turned to my left I gave james that why did you bring me here?


“Calm down bro you gonna enjoy it trust me “he said.


Sasha sighted us from the crowd and came to welcome us.


Sasha is james side chick, she is quite beautiful For a s


ide chick….


I can’t believe am in a lesbian party.


James was nowhere to be found I guess he left with sasha, I was left seating alone as girls drool over my body.


So this girl approached me, I won’t lie she was beautiful and s£xy too but not as s£xy as skyler.


She was putting on a cute lingerie


Hey georeous ” she said seating side by side with me


“Hey princess ” he said in my ever s£xy voice putting on my charm


She giggled like a kid,, she brought her hands to my beast and started romancing it.


“Mind if we catch some fun” she whisper into my ear and bit my lobe.


My beast sprung up instantly


“That’s if you can handle me” I spanked her *ss earning a gasps from her. “Bring it on” she said seductively and sat on my beast rocking it wid her *ss, I grabbed hold of them as I started kissing her roughly like the whole she is,,



“I stood up with her still rapped around my waist and headed for the bathroom, yeah that’s where am gonna f**k her till she beg for mercy.


I dropped her in front of the mirror and turned her to look at the mirror while I f***k from behind.


I ripped the goddamn lingerie and tusk it across the bathroom, I grabbed hold of two massive b***bs from behind and whisper into her ears.


“I want you to look at us while I f***k you” I said in a husky voice.


She moaned with her eyes closed.


I thrust deep into her like a wild lion,


Swears are moaning are terrible I guess she has not had something as big as this before.


I grabbed a hair in my hand tightly as I f***k the living day light outta her She squirt continuously but I wasn’t done yet “Am Cumming”she scream


But am not letting her off that easily.


I inserted my beast into her **shole and started another run of thrusting as kept saying funny things ion understand.


I f**ked her till she couldn’t stand again till I reached my climax..


Bitch! I groaned leaving her in the bathroom to regain her strength.


I went back to my seat and continued drinking till I was alittle bit tipsy.


I was somehow drunk, I stood up and walked into a room full of girls masturbating, uh oh I tried leaving the room but a blonde hair girl was quick to lock the door..


Am in so much trouble right now


What do you think is gonna happen??





my crazy but erotic romance



Written by munay berry

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