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chapter 5





I woke up the following day with what that ice queen said still ringing in my head.


I’m kinda confused though I really need that cash but acting as somebody’s fiancee is outta the league


Just need to think this through


I dragged my lazy self to the bath tub


To do my manly stuff..



Today is Friday!! Am hitting the club wanna get laid


I came out clad in black sweat pants and a body hug shirt revealing my abs.


Wanna go for my regular morning walk at the park.


I took my water bottle and walked outta my apartment ..





Another beautiful morning for a beautiful queen like me, wanna go for a jogg at the park today.


Positive vibes all the way



Took a quick shower and clad in pink sweat pants and a white crop top, and pink sneakers.


I jogged all the way to the park, other people were also workout too.



I plugged my earphone and started jogging around the park when I collided with someone .


“What the heck!! Are You blind? I question not looking at the fool. Was stunned when he spoke up turns out to be davis


“Excuse you! Lady gaga you bumped into me first so what’s the fuss all about ” he said with a shrug


Wow he is looking drop dead hot, I found myself drooling over him but I was quick to control myself, so he won’t get the wrong ideas.


“Lol you bumped into me first so you should apologize this instance” I said


“Pteww you wish!! So ice queen why do you keep crossing my path huh! were You sent to faustrate my life yeah” he said sarcastically


All this while he was busy ranting I was paying attention I was thinking of the possibility of what am gonna do to his lips if I had the chance.


Without wasting any more time I crashed my lips on his, He widen his eyes in surprise


I wanted to withdraw from kiss but he held my waist and deepen the kiss not minding our environment.


I was so lost in my crazy fantasy





Okay is this a dream or what!


Ice queen is kissing me right now!


Am kissing a billionaire kid right now!!


Somebody pinch me already.


We were kissing in a slow and romantic way.


I lift her lips and trail kisses down her neck making sure I leave hickeys,.


Kiss got so intense that I wanted her badly but had to stop.


“Let’s go to my place I said in a husky voice.


“No let’s go to my place “she said shyly



I knew for sure she wanted me badly.




We arrived at her mansion moment later.


Haven’t entered the mansion when throw her self on me kissing me aggressively like her life depends on it, while I respond with much compassion. She rapped her legs around my torso as we kept kissing.


I could feel her pu**y dripping wet I need no one to tell me that she needs my cock in her life.


I placed her on the dinning table, well have always dreamed of f**king my girl on the dinning.


I kissed her nose, kissed her lips down to her boobs but this stupid shirt is denying me assess in one swift I ripped it off To see nice boobs starring at me. I tore her bra like a hungry lion,


She gasps but ain’t done yet am just getting started.


I grab of the left boob sucking it like my life depends on it. She moan sweetly into


my ears sending signal to my beast.


In no time the beast was fully risen.


I kissed her belly down to her belly button, he tug and fondle with my hair.


I reach for her joggers and dragged it down revealing a s£xy lacie panties, how I love seeing my girls in this pretty little thing.. I grabb hold of the both line and curse inwardly, she was looking at me wondering why I was fondling with her pant. I ripped it off aggressively, damn she is f**king wet. She got the nicest pu**y have ever seen my urge to thrust into her increased. “Suck me please please “she said with pleasure


i bit her pu**y lips making her shiver.


I kept eating on her clit earning another sweet moan from her. Inserted two of my fingers into her honey pot fingering her gently,. I know she is enjoying it with the way her body is shaking


“Fuck me davis” she whispers


In no time we were naked


I inser



ted my beast into her pu**y, “holy jeez she is f**king tight, I f**ked her slow but not too slow, It was like we making love,.


Fucking like never before not caring if the maids were watching.


“Say my name baby” I said huskily


“Oh shit davis” she said in a moan


I increase my speed abit I could tell she is loving it.


Inserted my index finger into her pu**y along side my d**k , she kept moaning sweetly into my ears.


I could feel my release building up fast but I need her to suck me. I pulled out and asked her to give a blow job


“Suck me ” I commanded pointing to my d**k


She only nodded, ice queen squats in front of me grab hold my beast and started deep throat sucking my d**k like a professional


Damn my ice queen sure knows how to keep her man, I moan out loud, this cutie here is gonna kill me


My cum came out splashing on her face and boobs while she licked up every single one of it.


I collapse on the table exhausted


That was one in a million


Haven’t had as sweet like this one.


We kept looking at each other without saying a thing I wonder what’s going on in her mind.


“Let’s not do this again, let’s not talk about this terrible mistake age ” she said picking up her ripped clothes from the floor. As if she didn’t enjoy it as much as I did


I didn’t say a word I just got dressed


“About your offer, have thought about it. Am resuming work on Monday said



I saw your her face brighten up but she was quick to wipe it off I wonder why


“Okay she said and took the elevator up to her room.


I walked out later on, hail and cab to my residence






my crazy but erotic romance








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