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Episode 9







I woke up with a slight headache the next morning. My room was messed up and my hair was so untidy. “Oh Lord.” I said as I tried to sit up and my head felt so heavy. Gosh the pain. I just laid back on my bed. I moved my hand a little and felt something hard on the left side of my bed and it was my headset. “I even forgot to put this thing off.” I mumbled to myself. It was very low and so was my phone



when I checked, I already had 10 missed calls from Alex. “Oh gosh it’s today!” I said forcing myself out of my bed and remembering that the gang was supposed to meet today for the final update. We were meant to meet at 7am in the morning. “Its 10 already!” I shouted realizing what the time was. I jerked up and dashed into the bathroom to refresh myself. When I was done, I just had to combine different clothes no matter the color. So far it was covering my body, it was good.


I dashed down the stairs and David wasn’t down there. “Phew!” I thought to myself. I didn’t want any drama of what happened last night to delay me. I tried to be as quiet as I could when opening the door but I wasn’t that lucky. I succeeded in closing the door behind me when. “Where are you going to?” David said behind me. “Ahh!” I screamed in shock. “David, no time now, I have to go.” I said running out. “Can I at least drop you off?” He shouted after me. “No thanks, I already have your keys!” I said and opened the door to his car. “What?” He said and stood there confused as he watched me drive out with his own car. I knew what I did was crazy and would make him mad at me but I had to get there as fast as I could and besides, he had another car in the garage in case he wanted to go somewhere. I started charging my phone in the car and it finally came on and I saw three text messages. One from Gwen and two from Alex.



Gwen:: *Babe where are you? We’ve been waiting since forever. Captain is getting angry.*



Alex:: *Girl what’s going on? You’ve not been picking your calls. You’re needed here now.*


Alex:: *Trish I don’t know where you are now but there’s no mess bigger than what you’ve gotten yourself into. You know the boss hates late coming.*


“I know! I know!” I said to myself. “What was I even thinking?” I said hitting my head with my palm. I still had that headache though.


**At the hideout**


“Wow! Trish, you’ve really done yourself this time. Look at yourself.” Alex said when he opened the door for me. “Let me in Alex.” I said pushing him aside and



entering the apartment. Alex always had a way of making matters worse than they already were.


“So what took you so long. You know I hate delays!” Captain scolded and let out a dry cough and kept on smoking his hemp. “Captain, you need to stop taking this hemp!” Luna said. She was the gang’s doctor. She always took Care of us when we were bleeding from the gun shots. She sometimes helped us with a mission. Like the time we needed a man dead. So she had him transferred to her hospital and injected poison into him, then he died. She did that for a lot of cash. She even got well paid than the rest of the gang. “You know quite well that I can’t live without these things.” Captain said with pleading eyes. “Its just for your health huncho.” She said caressing his hair. She was the only one allowed to call him that. None of us could figure out why. I looked around and noticed someone was missing. “Guys, where’s Victor.” I asked. “He’s inside. Luna’s taking care of him. He was attacked in the club and we’re gonna find out where that bastard is and deal with him.” Alex said with all meanness. “You guys shouldn’t do anything rash okay? I know what happened.” I said. “I was with David, the guy I’m living with?” I added, noticing their confused faces except Gwen. She probably figured out what happened already. “And how has that got to do with what happened to Victor?” Alex asked impatiently. “It was David that beat Victor up that night. I swear he didn’t mean to. They were both drunk!” I pleaded trying to convince them. Alex scratched his head a little and said. “I’m letting this go because you know that guy and you’re our gang member. If not, I wouldn’t obey the gang code. Victor’s my bro mehn! I would kill for him if I have to.” Alex said opening his arms. “I know, I’m sorry it won’t happen again on my watch.” I said, smiling at him grateful that he let it go.


“Enough of all this drama let’s get to why we’re here.” Captain interrupted. “Now Alex has an uncle that has a lot of money with him.” He said looking at Alex and Alex didn’t move an inch. “According to my research with the help of my hit men, he caged it in a big house very far from this city, still in this city but far. And he has a lot of men safeguarding that place.” He continued. “We need series of plans to go there and return alive. You know we’re just a few. But we’re powerful I believe that.” He said. “Now why this mission is important is because that man and I aren’t in good terms. He’s a cartel owner like myself and I think that money was stolen. I need to get back at him as much as I need that money so you guys shouldn’t fail me.” He said looking at us sternly. “So Trisha, here’s what you have



to do.” He said to me and I looked up at him with so much interest. “I’ll give you his address and you’ll go gather as much information as you can. Gwen will back you up on this one.” He said looking at Gwen. “And Alex, when they’ve gotten the information about the location of the place, you’ll lead my hit men and you guys will go and strike.” He said to Alex. “And Victor, well till he recovers, he’s going nowhere and if he doesn’t take part in this mission, no pay for him.” He said to us. “Now Trisha, you leave and prepare yourself, you don’t look too good. I’ll send you the address as a text soon.” He said looking at me. He was right. I forgot to comb my hair and I wore horrible combinations of clothes coupled with I had a huge headache at that time. “I think I’m gonna be sick.” I said to Gwen. “No not now baby girl, we have to be at alert all the time to know when to strike.” Gwen said , feeling sorry for me. “How about I drop you off.” She offered. “No no. I used David’s car today.” I said. “Alright take care of yourself and leave your phone on for the text!” She shouted after me as I was walking towards the car.


**At the house**


I got inside and went straight to the living room and sank into the couch. “Ooofff.” what a day. Then David came from the kitchen. “Where did you go Trisha.” He asked. “What do you care?” I said amidst pains, holding my exploding head. “Trisha I’m sorry for last night okay? I wasn’t using my sense then, I’m so sorry.” He pleaded with his knees on the ground. “Okay. I forgive you.” I said and managed to smile. He got closer and held my hand. “Oh God. Your body temperature is really high!” He exclaimed. “Having any symptoms? Headache? Diarrhea?” He asked. “No just headache.” I mumbled. “Alright baby, let me take you upstairs.” He said and lifted me from the couch and took me upstairs. “You’re so strong.” I said when he dropped me on my bed. “I want to take care of you today Trisha.” He said looking at my eyes. “Who am I to refuse this offer?” I said and smiled. “Hey can you help me get my phone? Its downstairs on the couch.” I asked remembering that I was supposed to receive a text. He brought the phone and plugged it to the charger in my room. “If you need anything, just call me. I’ll be downstairs.” He said and left the room. I laid in my bed and wondered what was wrong with me. Then I remembered that I had a card of panadol in my drawer. I quickly got it and swallowed it with the water David brought for me earlier then I went to sleep.(Join Telegram Group)



When I woke up, I was feeling a lot better and I wanted to go downstairs to meet David and tell him how well I’ve recovered when a text came in to my phone. I went to where it was charging and unplugged it because the battery was full. The text was from captain containing the address of our target. I smiled to myself and archived the text.


*** *** ***







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