Sun. May 12th, 2024

Episode 4


We were still walking down to our hideout. I still can’t comprehend why the gang couldn’t do without me. They always needed a female to do their work. And I guessed they needed me to get to a guy that had a lot of money. That wasn’t my first time anyway and I was going to die of Aids soon so what have I got to loose then? “This is a very huge deal Trish. It can fetch us a lot of cash. And we’ll run away and start a new life together.” He said holding my hand and fiddling with it. I was interested in the money but I wanted to spend the rest of my life no matter how short with David not Victor. So that part of his statement made me laugh. “Sorry, did you say start a new life together?” I said giggling. “I know you were just joking as always because you’re not interested in building a family. You’ve told me this dozens of times.” I said and continued laughing. He ignored me and continued smoking so gracefully. He wanted to say something then We got to the hideout and Alex opened up for us and interrupted the conversation.


* * *


“Yes captain, I understand.” I said bowing my head and Holding my hands at my back. “So next week, we all meet here again for updates on the mission. This is not an easy one, we need series of plans” Captain said and let out a dry cough holding his chest. “Captain, are you okay?” James asked, holding the captain on the shoulder. (Join Telegram Group) Captain was our gang leader. He was always a drama king. But as things were moving, his condition was getting worse by the month. James on the other hand cared for captain a lot. Captain actually picked James up and nurtured him to a fine, young man.


“Hey. Who wants to party?” Gwen said excitedly as usual. Gwen was always so active and happy. She was the light of the gang. She also knew how to make a man laugh in a serious matter.


“Yea baby girl. Trish needs it right now.” Alex said.


We left for the club and partied all night





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