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Episode 13



Final epic episode



Author Ella


In my right senses I knew I couldn’t go back to the house. So I spent some days at the hideout. Alex went to were I parked my car last and drove it to the hideout for me. Then he worked with a team to find the tracker(s) in the car and they successfully removed all. “You can now use your car once again Trish.” He said smiling at me. “Thank you so much Alex.” I said. No one lived in the hideout, everyone had their respective homes. So I was practically the only one staying there and Luna had to stay with me too to take care of me.


I was just sitting on the chair outside when I received a call from David. I was skeptical about picking the call but then I decided that he had every right to know. I picked up and told him everything that happened and exactly where I was and he said he was coming over. I pleaded and pleaded with him to wait for some days before he could come then he finally agreed.


The gang was meant to assemble at the hideout that day so we could share the money. Part of me was so excited that I would finally be rich and run away with David. Part of me was sad that Victor wasn’t there. “So in total there’s 500million.” Alex said after counting with the counting machine. “So here’s how we’re going to split it.” Captain said. In the end, I was going home with 100million, Gwen went with 100million and Alex went with 100million. Then captain took the rest. “What about Luna?” I asked. “Okay fine, she can have 80million from mine.” Captain said. “You guys are dismissed for now. This is compensation for a job well-done. It’s been nice working with you all and now I’m giving you guys a chance to start a new life somewhere else.” He added. We were so happy, we started hugging each other. We decided to throw the last party before we departed. When we were done drinking and dancing, captain was the first to leave, then Alex. “Wait Gwen.” I said when she was about to leave. “I’m planning to run away with David tomorrow.” I said. “Wow girl, you’ve got your life all planned up.” She said smiling. “I wish



Goodluck dear and call me if you need anything.” She added and left. I smiled to myself that things were actually going the way I wanted it. Then I looked around and saw the mess and I had to clean it up. So I started cleaning.


When I was done, I decided to send David a text.



Me:: David, we’re leaving tomorrow. Don’t come with a lot of clothes.


He replied almost immediately.



David:: How do I get past Ana. She’s on leave.



Me:: cook up anything. Business trip? Anything.



David:: okay be expecting me, let’s meet at the Havens Eatery.



Me:: no problem. Goodnight.



I laid on my bed trying so hard to sleep but I couldn’t I was just so excited. Eventually I slept off. Nature can’t be deceived you know. When I woke up I went straight to the bank to deposit my 100million so nothing would happen to them. When I got back around 9am, I called David. “Hello?” I said. “Good morning beautiful. Are you ready?” He asked. “Of course I am.” I said excitedly. “I’m on my way.” He said.


I started waiting patently for him. I waited for bours and I saw nobody. I started getting worried. It was already 3pm in the afternoon. “Why isn’t he here? Or did Ana do something?” I asked myself. So I made up my mind to call Gwen and I did. I told her what happened and she told me to stay calm that she was with me.


At around 3:45pm I decided to call David again but there was no response. So I texted him.


Me:: David where are you now?



Then a call came into my phone and it was David, I was happy that he finally called. But it was a video call. “Why would David be calling me via video call?” I asked myself. I picked and it was Ana’s face I saw instead. I gasped and wanted to hang up. “Don’t you dare hang up on me!” She said. “Despite all the warnings, you still want to make away with my husband.” She said. Then she moved the phone a little and I saw David tied to a chair with bruises all over so I guessed she had already beat him up. “No!” I let out a loud cry once I saw him in that state. “Ana you’re a devil. How could you do this to your husband.” I said. “I don’t need him anymore, I’ve got Tony.” She said and then I saw a man come to the camera then they kissed. “Then leave David for me please!” I pleaded. “No!” She yelled. “If I can’t have him, then you can’t!” She yelled and shot David on the chest. I let out a loud cry. “Ana you’ll pay for this. Please get him to a hospital please.” I said already helpless. “You’re next.” She said and hung up.


I started crying. “Who will I spend the rest of my life with now? And I’m sure David’s dead.” I sent Gwen a text message of what happened.



Gwen:: don’t do anything rash. I’ll be right over.



“Well, what do I have to live for again? I have aids, the love of my life is dead. Maybe I should join him.” I said to myself. So I searched for some drugs and finished a whole card at once then laid to sleep.



***************** The End ************



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