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Episode 12



Author Ella



“Where were you yesterday?” Ana asked. I was shocked she asked because she never did before. “What why do you ask?” I said. “I know you were at Pablo’s place.” She said looking at me with all seriousness. I swallowed hard and almost chocked on my spit. “What? How could you say that. Pablo is a very dangerous man in this city, who should I be at his place.” I said, nervously. “Don’t lie to me Trisha. I’m watching your every move so closely.” She said coming close. “You’ve lost it haven’t you?” I said and tried to walk out. Then she dragged me back. “I don’t know what you’re up to but I know its no good. Just be careful so you won’t get surprised.” She said smirking then she left me. “How did she know? Who’s been spilling the beans? Is she really after me?” So many thoughts were running through my head when David came into the kitchen where I was and interrupted me. “Oh!” I jerked. “Woah woah! I’m not a monster.” He said laughing. “I know. Its just…. Never mind.” I said. “Why did you jerk like you saw a spider?” He



asked. “Nothing.” I said. “No something’s wrong, you can tell me anything.” He said. “Okay, but promise me you won’t get mad.” I said looking at him. “How can I get mad at you? I promise.” He said. Then I told him how I met the gang when he got missing. I told him my ordeal with the gang and all the missions we’ve embarked on and I also told him about the one that happened the day before. “Wow!” He said. “This whole thing sound like a movie to me.” He added. “You know all these things are dangerous right?” He asked looking concerned. “I know.” I said, ashamed of myself. “I think Your wife knows. She just told me where I was yesterday. She’s threatening me and I don’t know when she’ll strike exactly.” I said slightly shaking. “We’ll take care of this don’t worry, don’t be scared okay?” He said hugging me tightly. I knew what I did was a breach of the gang code but I had to. That was the only way David could understand and help me out in anyway he could.


I decided to tell Gwen since she was the only person I could share my thoughts and gists with.



Me:: Gwen. I told David about the gang.


I waited several minutes before I got a reply.



Gwen:: What? You’re joking right?



Me:: No I’m serious. Things got complicated and I had to tell him.



Gwen:: You sure he’s not gonna tell on us?



Me:: See I trust David. He won’t.



Gwen:: I hope he doesn’t. Well, you know I’ll always support you in anything you do. Same goes for this one.


I smiled, happy that Gwen was on my side at least. Then I dropped my phone. Just when I was about to get some Shuteye, my phone started ringing and it was Victor. I was shocked that Victor would call me again after everything that happened. “Hello?” I said. “Hey Trisha. We got the good news. Good job girl.” He said



sounding happy. “Oh thanks.” I said. “So Alex and I are to go today with the other hitmen so we can get the money.” He said. “Okay cool.” O said. There was an awkward silence. “I know you think I’m probably mad about what happened the other night.” He said. “I just want to let you know that I’m not.” He added. “Oh thank God!” I said and I felt like a very heavy weight was lifted off my chest. “You know I love you right?” He said. “What a joke.” I said laughing. He ignored what I said and I heard Alex’s voice in the background. “I have to go now. I need your blessings.” He said. “Okay. I wish you the best of luck.” I said giggling. “Alright bye.” He said and hung up. For some reason at that moment, I wasn’t feeling too good about the mission they were about to embark on.


**The next day**


My ringing phone woke me up and it was Alex. “Hey. Why wake me up this early?” I asked. “There’s a problem.” He said crying. “Wait. Are you crying? But why?” I asked concerned that a strong guy like Alex would be crying. “Victor’s dead.” He said. “What!” I shouted. “Oh my God, you’ve got to be joking right?” I said in disbelief. “He died during the shootout in our mission yesterday.” He said. I felt hot tears rolling down my cheeks. I couldn’t believe it. So Victor’s gone. I quickly hung up, and buried my head in my pillow and let out a very loud cry. “How can you be dead Victor? What about the promises you made to me? And those jokes you always meant. And your family?” I cried and cried till tears could flow no more. Alex kept calling and calling but I kept ignoring it. For the whole day, I refused to eat anything. David kept knocking on my locked door begging me to eat something but I refused. “Just leave her to kill herself if she wants.” I heard Ana say from outside. I didn’t know that loosing someone to death would be this painful. I received millions of text from the gang telling me to come over but I ignored all.


I cried all night and fell asleep. The next morning I finally decided to go to the hideout. I got down, drank tea and stepped out. On the road, I noticed that I was being followed so I decided to drive around for a while then I finally parked in a lonely area surrounded with bushes and small trees. I just parked by the roadside, unbuckled my seatbelt and got down from the car. The car that was following me parked too. “Hey! Hey dude. Why are you following me? What do you want?” I said walking to the car of the stalker. “Now calm down.” Ana said as she got down from the car. I was shocked to see Ana. I started wondering why she should be



following me. “What is wrong with you? Why are you being a pain on my back and how did you locate me?!” I yelled at her. She landed a hot slap on my face. “You think I don’t know or what? Or do you think I’m stupid huh!” She said viciously. “How dare you lay your hands on me? Do you know what I can do to you?” I yelled at her. Then she brought out a gun and pointed it at me. “See Trisha. Look around. No single soul’s around. This could be your last so just shutup!” She yelled. “Hold on now. Calm down. Don’t do anything rash Ana. I’m your dear bestie.” I said shaking nervously. “Trisha you were always the beautiful one. You were always lucky and I finally found someone that appreciates me for who I am and you want to take him from me.” She said almost crying. “I was freaking dating him before you came along.” I shouted back at her. “Oh thank God you said dating not married. We are married for Pete’s sake! Sealed fair and square in the church. You have no right to come into my marriage and spoil everything I’ve worked for.” She said. That was when I realized my mistakes but I didn’t care, I loved David and I was ready to do anything to have him back. “You know I have a child for him right?” She asked still pointing the gun at me. “Yes I do and I’m happy for you guys. Just don’t shoot me please.” I pleaded. “Oh naΓ―ve Ana. So you thought that I would actually get you a car and earphones just like that.” She said finally putting the gun down. “What are you talking about?” I asked. “I put trackers in those things I gave you so I could monitor your every move.” She said laughing hysterically. I was shocked and I didn’t know what to say. “I don’t even know why I’m still talking to this fool.” She said and that was when she shot me. She aimed for my chest but it hit my shoulder instead. I fell down holding my arm and she got in her car and drove away.


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I managed to reach for my phone in my left pocket and called Gwen. She located me and took me straight to hideout where Luna took care of me. “But how could this have happened?” Gwen asked. “She’s been tracking me with that new car she got for me all along.” I said amidst pains. “Oh this calls for war.” Gwen said and left the room. I overhead the rest of the gang talking about how they would deal with the situation before it gets late.


I spent the night at the hideout with Luna. She was so sweet and helpful.











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