Sun. May 12th, 2024

Episode 6


“David?” It was Ana calling from downstairs.



Ana just came back to collect something she forgot. So when she found it, she decided that David should follow her. She was in the car already when David was about to leave the door. “David.” I said holding him back. “I really hope what you said is true.” I said. “We’ll talk more about this when I get back.” He said and ran out towards the car.


I didn’t know what to think anymore. “So Ana knows everything and she’s been acting all this while!” I said to myself, kicking the door. “Ouch!” That hurt, I shouldn’t have done that. “This means Ana is planning something for me also.” I said to myself. I always knew Ana as a ‘slow poison’ she always got what she wanted and she held grudges a lot.


I picked up my phone immediately to call Gwen. At that moment, she was the best person to call. She would advice me on what to do and always back me up. “Hey girl, what’s happening?” Gwen said. I heard music blaring in the background so I assumed she was at a party and probably drunk so I decided not to talk about it then. “Just checking on you babe, I’ll call you later.” I said and hung up.


* * *


I was sleeping when my phone rang. I woke up and it was Gwen on the line. I looked at my wrist watch and it was 1am in the morning. “Hey babe. You called earlier.” She said sounding so awake. “Yea I did. There’s a problem.” I said sounding sleepy. “Girl where you asleep?!” She yelled through the phone. “Yea.” I said.(Join Telegram Group) “What happened to the ‘party all night Trish’ she said laughing. “It doesn’t matter Gwen. Ana knows.” I said. “Ana knows what? Oh Wow!” She said remembering our discussion about David and the accident. “So what’s going to happen now?” She asked. “She doesn’t know that I know that she knows. The whole thing is still a mystery to me. David just told me earlier today. And I think Ana has something up her sleeves.” I said waiting for a reply. There was a little silence. “Whatever you decide to do just let me know. I’ll support you all the way.”


After the discussion with Gwen, I felt a little bit relieved that someone was with me on this one.


* * * * * *







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