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Episode 7


On Sarah’s 30th birthday, Francis knelt down on one knee with an expensive engagement ring in the presence of her family and popped the Question, “Will you marry me?”


Sarah was extremely excited and she yanked him off the floor and screamed a big “yes!”, Sarah kissed him and they cuddled each other.


A week later, Francis decided to introduce Sarah to his family. Sarah drove to Port Harcourt with him, to see Francis’s parents and to Sarah’s utmost shock, Mark was there, Mark and Francis were cousins. Mark was older than Francis.


At first, Sarah was terrified, She had dated Mark for Two years and had aborted five pregnancies in those years and the worst was that She almost ended up with him.


But to Sarah’s utmost surprise, Mark was happy to see her and he did not mince words in telling his cousin that he made a good choice though Francis’s parents were curious to know how Mark knew her. “Sarah was once my colleague” Mark lied but everyone else bought the lie. Sarah was not surprised that Mark came up with a brilliant lie. She knew that he was a blatant liar. At the same time she almost died of guilt.

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Sarah who doesn’t want her Relationship with Francis to


be built on lies decided to open up to him but to Her greatest shock, Mark had already told Francis everything. Francis politely called off thier engagement.



“Sarah, I love you so much but I’m sorry I can’t continue this relationship, Mark my cousin had told me about your past relationship with him, I don’t think I could go ahead with our wedding plans after everything I know about you and My cousin and the pregnancies you aborted, please Sarah, I know I have no right to judge you but forever is a long time, I need time to think things through and then to decide if I want to go ahead with our wedding plans or not” Francis entered.


Sarah was shattered and devastated as hot tears rolled down from her eyes, She was heartbroken as Francis gradually avoided her and weeks turned into months, they finally stopped communicating with each other, Sarah felt defeated and she almost died of heart break and it took her months to put herself together.


She was always sad, She kept lamenting to her friend, Florence that Francis left her without looking back and why she was always unlucky in finding a good man “How was it that I keep hitting relationship walls, over and over again? I am 32 and my plan was to be married by 22 with at least 2 kids by 26. Why couldn’t I meet anyone that I could grow with?


How is it that everyone around me is getting into a relationship and I couldn’t just meet one person with the same mindset?” Sarah said sobbing


(Join Group) Florence told her that it wasn’t yet her time.


“relax my friend, Mark and Francis are not the right man for you that’s why they are no longer in your life, be thankful, because a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage, remove your heart from the promise of marriage, serve God diligently, love God, pray fervently, you have a good Job, concentrate on building your career, keep your self together and be happy” Florence had told her.


“So you mean I should serve God because I need a good man? Sarah asked


“Of course not, serve God because you love him not because you want a man, remove your eyes from the promise of marriage and look on to God.


Your life is not a sum total of who marries you. Your life is not a sum total of how many kids that you have or don’t have. You are not defined by how much money you have or don’t have.


If we strip off the titles that you have— who are you? If your identity isn’t in the Lord then no man or kids will ever satisfy you. No money will ever fill that void in your heart.



When that man does come, you may have such high expectations that you end up single again because of the fantasy in your head. He will never be perfect and neither will YOU. Contentment, joy and peace come from the inside of YOU” Florence gently corrected her, She paused for a while and continued


“Don’t wait for that season to be happy. Be happy today. Be amazing today. Be fabulous today. Work out today. Spend time with God today, Love God because you love him. Don’t be desperate, live one day at a time, you are just 32 and marriage is not just what makes a woman fulfilled, build up other areas of your life too”


Sarah was encouraged, she felt so much relieved as she hugged Florence for being there for her.


End Of Episode 7


To Be Continued









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