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Episode 4


Then the other police man who stepped in to the kitchen gave a loud scream, while the other police officer who was with Sarah rushed to the kitchen to know why his colleague screamed. Sarah was not shocked.


“The police men had found Mark’s body” She thought.


Immediately, the policemen returned to the sitting room. One of the police men said “You are under arrest for the murder of your husband, whatever you say would be used against you In the court of law”


“Officer, it’s self defense, I didn’t kill him deliberately, he was hitting and kicking me, look at my swollen face, take a look at my body, my husband’s intention was to leave me disabled or killed” Sarah said as she sobbed


The police men ignored her as they handcuffed her and took her away.


Sarah was locked away in a tiny cell for months and finally she was taken to the court. After several hearings. She was sentenced to death by hanging. And then she gave a loud scream that brought her back to reality. She had been dreaming the whole time. That evening that she invited her friends to celebrate her new Job and when Mark proposed to her in the presence of her family and friends, She gladly accepted because she doesn’t want to embarrass Mark.


But all through that same evening she was restless as if she had made the biggest mistake of her by accepting Mark’s marriage proposal. She felt scared and unsettled and all she could think of was to pray. That night she poured her heart to God and she fell asleep some minutes after and she dreamt about the future with Mark


After she woke up from the dream that felt so real, she became frightened but was grateful to God for revealing the deepest secrets of a future with Mark and for giving her another chance to make the right decision. That night she sent a text message to Mark, “Mark, please I don’t think we should go ahead with our wedding plans, please. I need more time to sort out some personal issues”


And then she fell into a deep thoughts.


“Lord, Thank you for revealing to me that Mark is not the right person for me, I’m so sorry Lord, for sleeping with him, for committing abortion and for ignoring all the Red Flags, Lord i Hope on you to script my love story, you are the ultimate script writer. Please help me Lord” Sarah prayed in her heart as tears rolled from her eyes.


Mark’s odd behavior had been giving Sarah hints and clues of his obsessive and violent nature, but she was too blinded in love to see that his behavior towards her was far from what true love truly was. But after she had the dream that felt so real, She was determined to let go of Mark.


“I don’t mind if all my friends are married or engaged, I will not rush into marriage, especially not after this dream” She thought.


When Mark got Sarah’s text that night, he was so shocked that he came straight to Sarah’s house, the next morning.


“How could you turn down my marriage proposal after you have accepted to marry me last night, in the presence of your loved once” Mark thundered, you could see rage from his eyes and if not because of Sarah’s parents were at home, he would have given her a thorough beating of her life.


Sarah’s parents and siblings were shocked. “What’s going on between you two?”Sarah’s father asked, Mark reluctantly told them everything and about the text he received from Sarah.


When Sarah’s parents inquired from her why she changed her mind, She was speechless and that got Mark even more angrier.


Sarah was dumbfounded and didn’t know the reply to give to her family. “How could i explain to my parents that I changed my mind because of the dream I had last night?”She thought. And then Mark walked out of Sarah’s house in anger. When he left. Sarah finally opened up to her parents.


“Dad, mom I personally don’t know what comes over Mark at times. He can be the sweetest person if he wants but change entirely to a horrifying monster in the next few minutes, I’m honestly confused and afraid” Sarah soberly said.


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“Does he hit you?” her mother enquired, “No, but he always threaten to hit me, and his behavior at times makes me scared that he might hit me when we get married, he is always so violent” Sarah said.


And also told her parents about the dream she had last night.


Her Parents were frightened and finally they decided to support whatever she decides. They also advised her to be careful and follow her heart in whatever decision she wanted to make concerning her relationship with Mark. Sarah nodded her head at every thing her parents told her but her mind wasn’t there at all, her thoughts went to the horrifying dream Especially the part where she was arrested for Mark’s murder and sentenced to death by Hanging. She kept thinking on what to do.


One evening, Sarah arrived home from work to her worst nightmare(Mark), Sitting at thier living room. One look at Mark and her whole body shivered in fear. Mark got up from where he sat and held her hands. Sarah did not utter a word as she stared at him helplessly.


“Babe I’m sorry that I let my emotions get the best of me the last time, I was just angry that you turned down my marriage proposal after you have accepted to marry me, i felt disappointed and broken, why would you play with my emotions like that, it’s so unfair” he said in a low tone.Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from



Sarah was still staring at him in fear, without uttering a word


I have been asking myself over and over again why you changed your mind, you know I love you and I can’t function properly without you” Mark added


Sarah’s heart melt, She began to cry and then Mark knelt down in front of her. She was confused and didn’t know why he was kneeling before her. “Why are you kneeling down, please get up” she manage to say


Before she knew what was happening, Mark held both of her hands and said “Sarah, please marry me, I will make you happy, I promise” Mark entered


Sarah was dumbfounded and didn’t know which reply to give to him. Deep down in Sarah’s heart, she was extremely in love and wanted to get married to him but Mark’s violent nature and the dream was the main reasons why she was afraid to marry him. Mark was still kneeling and waiting for her reply while Sarah’s mind was occupied with so many thoughts, She felt like she would be making the



biggest mistake of her lifetime if she ignored her gut feeling and the dream and accept his proposal.


Sarah looked into his eyes and she politely told him to get up from the floor “Baby I’m so sorry, but I can’t accept your proposal now. I’m scared of what you are capable of doing when we become husband and wife, you don’t listen to me, you don’t take my advice, you are too hot tempered, I’m scared of how your eyes glows in rage, whenever you are upset, and I’m scared of the unknown that could happen later. I love you so much but I can’t ignore all the red flags” Sarah finally said.


End Of Episode 4


To Be Continued









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