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Episode Eight







I was with Robert in the balcony when Francis came in, he look handsome as usual. I just can’t stop thinking about him, how can I forget him.


Dad, I have to tell you something ” he said and smiled, what is going on


tell me son ” Robert smiled


I have a girlfriend now, and am planning to bring her here tomorrow ” Francis said and I boiled in anger, so he’s finally dating Marilia.


of course, you can bring her, I can’t wait to see the girl who took my son’s heart ” Robert said and I scoff



Okay dad, enjoy ” Francis said and left without even looking at me, this is becoming serious.


finally, he’s going to stop chasing after you ” Robert said and peck my lips


Yea, am so glad ” I said, I know am lying anyway.


I really need to do something about this, Marilia can’t take him away from me, she can’t




I hope Francis father likes me, I can’t afford to loose him. I took my bath and put on my favorite dress, a pink short dress.


With a white snickers, I arranged my hair and walk out of the house. I guess am good to go.


Wow, you look so beautiful ” Francis said


thank you honey ” I replied and he pecked my lips, I blushed


He opened the car for me and I got inside, different thoughts going on in my mind as he was driving to his house.


What if he doesn’t like me because am not rich, I don’t even have parents. (Join Group) ” we are here ” Francis said and I got out of the car


He held my hand as we walk in, I guess he find out that am nervous


you will be fine ” he said in a whisper and I nodded slowly We got inside, Mr Robert and Angelica has been waiting.


hello sir ” I said kinda silently


You are so pretty,” he complemented



. ” thank you sir ” I said and smiled at Francis


come on, have your seat ” he said and I sat down, I look at Angelica, she scoffs and I sigh.


We ate lunch together and Mr Robert asked a lot of things about me.


You are living with your grannies, how about your parents? ” he asked and I became silent, I didn’t expect this


I guess they are dead, or maybe they left her ” Angelica said and smirk


Watch your mouth ” Francis said and I held him down, he sigh.


am sorry, I shouldn’t have ask that ” Mr Robert said


it’s okay sir ” I said trying to control my tears.




Am telling you, we can’t keep this forever. She have to know the truth ” Marilia grandpa said


I can’t stand to loose her, she’s the only one I’ve got ” grandma said looking down


Woman, we should have done this a long time ago, not now ” she added


Yeah, and that was because you never listened. ” Grandpa said


Just stop this, we can’t tell her about her identity, am sure she will leave us ” she said and brought out Marilia father’s picture.


I need to keep this away ” she said and hide it under the small wooden bed


I can’t believe you are doing this, I hope you don’t regret it ” he said and walk out of the house angrily


” you can’t understand ” she said looking sad








Story By Wuraola




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