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Episode Twelve






I was walking through the balcony when Angelica came me


What do you want? ‘ I asked


I told you right? You are going to leave this house for me,, I don’t want you here


she said and smirked


you have no right to tell me that ” I said


really? ” she asked and moved closer to me


Yes ” I said and she hold my hand


leave me alone, what are you doing ” I shouted


Marilia let me go please, leave me alone ” Angelica started pretending as tears run down her eye


Stop it Angelica ” I struggle with her but she keep on shouting






Angelica! ‘ I shouted


Mr Robert rushed to her


Angelica!!! ” he shouted


Marilia pushed me down the stairs ” she said and fainted Mr Robert looked up at me


I didn’t push her ” I shook my head,,,, he carried her to the hospital while I continue thinking about what Angelica did.


That girl is evil, how can she do that to herself when she’s pregnant.





he carried me to the hospital, I smirked inwardly


Doctor please what is happening ” he asked impatiently


Am sorry but we lost the baby ” the doctor said


What? Tell me you are joking ” Robert shouted


Am sorry ” the doctor said and went out of the ward


Oh, my baby. My baby ” I faked my tears


I won’t forgive that Marilia ” He shouted









It’s okay Angelica, it’s okay. Stop crying ” he pet me


I can’t believe I lost my happiness ” I continued


Bess, please it’s okay, please ” Sophia patted my back


I was discharged and we went back home, Robert throw Marilia out of the house immediately


Sir please believe me, I did not push her ” she cried and I scoff


just get out of here ” he shouted


Am glad Francis is not home, things are easy


I entered my room and called one of my men



She’s out of the house already



kill her



As you wish


I smirked, Good bye Marilia





By Wuraola





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