Sat. Jun 8th, 2024

Episode Ten






I put off my necklace, my name was written boldly on it. This necklace prove that my parents care for me, but how did i end up here?


Am totally confused


Oh,let me tell you. I and Francis got married one month ago, the marriage was the sweetest thing ever.


Right now, my only headache is Angelica she keep on pressuring me.



see who we have here ” oh no, that is her voice


what do you want angelica ” I asked


I told you to get lost, I don’t want you here ” she said


What do you mean? This is my husband’s house ” I defendee


Nope, it’s my husband’s house. And I don’t even care, just go or else you will regret it ” she said


I kept quiet and went upstairs, there is no point to argue with her.


Suddernly I felt like vomiting, I ran into the toilet and vomited everything in my stomach.


Gosh, what is happening?






so, what are you planing to do right now? ” Sophia asked me while I keep on thinking


I have to make her go out of that house, I can’t go on with the plan if she continue staying here ” I said folding my arms together


But how will you do that? ” she asked


Sophia, I have an idea ” I said and smirked


what is it? ” She asked, dumb head.


Just come with me ” I said and she nodded



Our family doctor is the only one who can help me right now, we got to the hospital and we were directed to the doctor. (Join Group)


He seem surprised to see me


don’t be surprised, I come in peace ” I said and he smiled


so, why are you here ” he asked


I want you to do something for me ” I said


what is it? ” he asked curiously


can you tell my husband that am pregnant? ” I said


what? ” Sophia and the doctor shouted at the same time


Shush, what if someone heard you ” I said and rolled my eye


mam angelica, I can’t do that ” he said shaking


Am going to give you a sum of 10M naira ” I said


Really? ” he asked


are you gonna do it or not ” I asked


I will do it ” he replied


good, dont worry my husband will bring me to you tomorrow. Just do your job neatly ” I said and walked out of the hospital with Sophia who keep on giving me a confused look.


How can you tell your husband that you are pregnant, when you are not ” she asked but I ignored her


” you will soon understand sophia ” I said and laughed out








Story by Wuraola






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