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Episode Seven







I sat down in the sitting room operating my phone, I checked some pictures of Marilia, I actually took them without her knowing.


I smiled as I check the pictures, she’s so beautiful.


Don’t tell me you love her ” I heard Angelica voice behind me.


She’s pretty and lovable, I love her ” I said


She came and stand in front of me,


what do you want ” I asked


you,,, Francis I want you. ” she said and tried to touch me


don’t you ever touch me again, am going to ask Marilia out Tomorrow and she’s going to be my girlfriend, just leave me alone. You already choosed my father over me, what else do you want ” I said and went into my room.


Angelica is unbelievable, why is she like that? I texted Marilia, I already got her a phone.



Hey,,,, I texted


How are you doing, hope you are good,, she replied



She always ask many questions at a time and I wonder why, am good, can we meet tomorrow?


of course, I will be there


okay, good night




I smiled at myself, I hope she accept me as her boyfriend.





I can’t let Marilia take Francis away from me, I know she’s a witch. Always trying to hurt me, I love Francis and nothing is going to change that.


I thought you already forgot about Francis, why can’t Marilia have him ” Sophia, my best friend asked


I still love him ” I replied


are you kidding me? I thought you said you love his father, I don’t understand you anymore ” she complained


I love them both, and remember, what Angelica wants, Angelica gets ” I said and pushed my hair backward


” hmm, I know. I trust you best ” she said and we did high five.


Just wait and see Marilia, you will regret ever trying to steal what is mine, I smirk





But what if Mr Robert finds out that you are still in love with Francis? ” she asked


he can’t find out, trust me ” I said and laughed out loud


trust you ” she said and smiled





Grannies, I will be back ” I said


To meet Francis again ” grandma said


yes mam ” I replied and smiled


I guess someone is in love ” grandpa said


Grandpa ” I blushed And they laughed


be careful, and come back early ” they said


thank You ” I said And went out.


I got there and I knew that am late already, he smiled at me and I sat beside him.


I really miss you ” he said


I also miss you ” I said and tap him playfully


am glad you miss me ” he teased


you can’t be serious ” I said


We talked for some minutes until he said something that freak me out


I love you Marilia ” he said


what? ” I said and stood up immediately, I can’t believe this, I know I have a crush on him but I don’t expect him to feel the same. I don’t want any trouble from Angelica


I know you also love me, so why are you like this ” he stood up and touched my face


yea, I love you.” I said


then become my girlfriend please ” he said


I can’t do that please ” I said with a pleading face


Why? ” he asked


We are two different people, we can’t date. And, I don’t want any trouble ” I said


if you are talking about Angelica, please stop it. She’s my ex girlfriend, okay? ” he said


are you sure we are gonna be okay ” I asked


yes, I will protect you, I really love you so much Mari ” he said and smiled


He took my face in his palm and kissed me.


” I love you too ” I said and kissed him passionately.








Story By Wuraola


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