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Episode Thirteen





I got home from my trip, I found Angelica crying while my dad was petting her.


What is going on? ” I asked


Your stupid wife killed my baby ” dad said angrily


what are you talking about? ” I asked


She pushed angelica down the stairs and she lost the baby ” he said Angelica keep on crying


No, Marilia will never do that, she can’t hurt Angelica ” I said in disagreement


Really, so what about my child? ” he shouted


where is she? ” I asked


I sent her out of the house ” he said and my bag fell from my hand


How dare you do that to my wife!! ” I shouted


Francis, this is my house ” he shouted back



you should have waited for me to get back!! What do I do right now? ” I became scared


What if something happen to her?


That is what she deserve, how dare she try to hurt my wife ” dad said


Shut up you idiot, I hate you ” I shouted and moved closer to them


if anything ever happen to her, I promise you. I will kill you ” I said and went out of the house.






I was walking through the silent road alone, I need to get to my grandparents, they are all have got right now.


I got home only to find our house as turn to ashes, what the f**k is happening here? Angelica killed them, why!!


I started crying bitterly and suddenly my eyes caught a bag, I quickly took the bag and opened it, I saw a letter.



Hi dear Marilia, I know by the time you are reading this letter it will be too late. I just want to expose a secret,,, we are not your grannies.


Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from Your father is alive, we found you in the sea 10 years ago and we took care of you. We are so sorry that we kept this away from you, pls forgive us. We love you so much,,, and your sister will be here soon, we told her about you. Always remember that we love you so much


cried bitterly, even if you are not my grannies, I love you so much. Why did you have to die!!


Three men came to me and grab my hand



What are you doing? Leave me alone! ” I shouted but they tied my mouth with a cloth, I was unable to scream


They carried me into the car and drove off, I wonder where they are taking me to.


Finally they stopped the car, they threw me out of the car and started beating me. They kicked me in the stomach and I started bleeding profusely, I growl in pain


Let’s go guys ” one of them said and they left me I continue bleeding, am in pain, so am going to die?







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