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Episode Six







Next day, I took my bath as early as possible and put on my cloth. I have to meet Francis, I can’t keep him waiting.


I told my grandparents that I am going out and they nodded, I smiled and went out of the small house.


I walk toward the building and I was surprised to see him there already.


how long have you been waiting? ” I asked


Maybe Ten minutes ago ” he replied


am so sorry ” I pleaded and he nodded


so, why are we here? ” I asked



He gave me a bag, I checked the bag and if contain Clothes and shoes, I couldn’t believe my eye.


what is all these for ” I asked in surprise


it’s for you, I bought it for you ” he said


I hugged him like my life depends on it, this is the first time I will have someone to give me clothes.


thank you so much Francis, you are the best ” I said and smiled


you are welcome ” he said ” So, I want you to do something else for me ” he said


what is it? ” I asked


“Make sure you take care of your hair, it’s not okay this way ” he said and I touch my hair


I don’t have a comb ” I said while facing down


it’s in the bag ” he said and I faced him immediately


really?, am so grateful ” I said


since we are friends, I have to take care of you ” he said and I blushed.


He entered his car and drove off, I ran home with joy in my heart, this is amazing.







I got home and went straight into my room, I am really tired. I was about taking a nap when Angelica came in, I stood up immediately.


what are you doing here ” I asked


Francis, am here to apologize to you, I know am wrong ” she said


“You are so evil, how can you do that to me!! I loved you, and you know that ” I shouted at her


She hugged me immediately, I wanted to push her away but something in me can’t resist her. The truth is, I still love angelica so much.


” Am so sorry Francis, but I love you so much ” she said



then why don’t you just leave my father and come to me ” I said and she became silent.


say something ” I said


how dare you Francis ” my father said and punched me in the face, I stood up and punched him back


father, how can you be so heartless, you took your son’s girlfriend as a wife ” I shouted


she love me and I love her ” he said


then make her choose between us ” I said with confidence, am sure Angelica love me more than father


okay, let’s do that ” he said and we face angelica


I,,,,, I really love Robert, I love him, please don’t bother us anymore. I don’t love you ” she said. I almost ran crazy when she said that, I ran out of the house.


I wanted to call Marilia and I remember that she doesn’t even have a phone, my life is just a waste.


I was walking around a garden when I saw someone who look like Marilia, is she the one?


She walked closer to me and I saw that she’s really the one. She look different, she’s more pretty. Her hair was arranged neatly and she was putting on a nice cloth and shoe.


I guess she saw me, she ran toward me and smiled


” hi Francis, look at me, how do I look? Am so different, thanks for the clothes ”


she said and smiled


” it’s okay ” I replied





Francis sounds somehow, I think he’s not happy, I sat beside him.


” Is everything okay? ” I asked


of course, everything is okay ” he replied


I don’t think so ” I said, he started weeping on my shoulder


Francis, it’s okay, you can cry out your pains, I will be here ” I said


Thank you ” he said and slept off on my shoulder.


Few hours later, he woke up and he look surprised to see me by his side.


What are you doing Here ” he asked


don’t you remember? You were crying and then slept off ” I said


what? Am so sorry you have to see that ” he said and I laughed


are you mocking me? ” he asked


yes, yes, yes ” I teased him,, he ran after me while continue running.


you are so playful Mari ” Francis said


I know ” I replied.


I slept that night with a smile on my face,,,, Marilia I think you are in love, I said in my mind.








Story By Wuraola




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