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Episode Four


Marilia ran out to call for help, she was weeping because it’s already late.



Soon a car appeared on the road, she waved and the car stopped


young girl, what are you doing on the road, it’s late ” the man said


sir, please I really need your help, my friend fell down into the pit, please help me ” Marilia said crying


its okay take me to where she is ” he said and followed her, he was able to Carry Angelica and took her to the hospital.


The next morning, Angelica woke up and found Marilia beside her, she pushed her,


how dare you come here? ” she shouted


what do you mean, it’s me Marilia your friend ” Marilia said in tears


but you left me in the pit last night, I saw you with my two eyes before I fell off ” she screamed


no Angelica, I went to look for help” Marilia said but all these explanation fell on deaf hear


I don’t wanna be your friend again, go ” she said and slapped Marilia


Her grandfather ran in


Angelica stop, Marilia is just trying to help ” he said


I don’t care, tell her to leave, can you see the way I broke my arm?, I hate you ” she shouted


Marilia ran home in tears, she got home and met her grannies both worried about her. (Join Group)


Marilia where have you being ” her grandma said


and why are you crying? ” she asked worriedly


Marilia explained everything to them,


” baby it’s okay, you look ugly when crying ” her grandfather said and she smiled




________NEXT DAY


Marilia saw Angelica and her grandfather with their luggage, one will know that they are traveling, she ran to them.


what do you want ” angelica asked angrily


am here to apologize ” Marilia said


I don’t need it, and as you can see am leaving this place, do you know the biggest mansion in this Town? ” she asked


you mean the Roberts? ” marilia guessed, that’s actually the best house in the town, Marilia always see the house while going to the market, but she can’t go in,,


yes, I will be living in that house from now ” Angelica said


please, don’t leave me ” Marilia said and tried to hold her, but Angelica pushed her away and she fell down, she ran home in tears.




One of Marilia father’s guard hold Marilia picture, asking all the people if they have seen any girl like that,, they got to The old woman who Marilia called grandmother and showed her.


mam, have you seen this young girl around here?, please if it’s a yes tell us where she is, her father has been worried about her ” the guard said


She kept quiet for a while


“No, I’ve never seen her ” she said and quickly ran home, hoping to meet Marilia at home, she don’t want to lose Marilia, she doesn’t even have a child of her own.


She got home and was happy to find Marilia home,


thank God you are home, don’t get out of the house for now ” she said


what?, why? ” Marilia asked


don’t ask, now go to your room ” she said and Marilia went in


Her husband look at her suspiciously


what is going on? ” he asked


they are looking for her, a man was with her picture, going round the town asking maybe they’ve seen her, be even came to me. ” she explained


then why don’t you just tell them the truth, I don’t like the type of life she’s living here ” her husband said


I can’t do that, she’s all I’ve got now, I don’t even have a child of my own ” she said


I hope you don’t regret this ” her husband said and went out








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