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Episode Five


Ten years later






I am finally back home after Five years, father told me he changed our house, now how do I get home. I don’t wanna tell him am back, I want it as a surprise.


I got down from the car and went to meet some people to ask,,


” hi, excuse me please, can you tell me where the Roberts stay? ” I asked


The woman fainted, I quickly rush to her, what is happening? Some women rush to us.


what happened to her ” they asked and I looked up so that I can explain, but they all fainted. I was shocked, is anything wrong with my face?, I had to check my body



I heard someone giggle behind me, I looked back and it’s a girl, even though she’s putting on some dirty dress, she’s pretty.


what’s wrong with them? ” I asked and fold my hand


they all fainted because your are handsome, they have never seen anyone as handsome as this in the village ” she said and I can’t help but to laugh.


This is insane, how can they faint just because am handsome. Finally they all woke up and they all tried to touch me, I was just smiling and looking at the girl with me.


what is your name? ” I asked while leaving the women


Marilia ” she said


wow, nice name ” I said


So, you are the only son of mr Robert? ” she asked


yeah, I came back from America few hours ago ” I said


oh,,,,, Let me take you there so I can come back home ” she said and we entered the car.


We got home and she left immediately, I wanted to thank her, but she’s gone.


I entered the house and the maids all bow gosh, I hate this, I waved at them and went to meet dad.


oh, my boy is here, you are welcome son ” he said and hugged me


I really miss you father ” I said and sat down


more than you do son,, how is everything ” He asked


Good ” I replied


Honey, are you busy? ” someone called as she came downstairs, I looked up and met the surprise of my life, it’s Angelica. Did she get married to my father? I can see that she’s also shock to see me.


dad, what is going on here ” I stood up


son, you should calm down ” He said


Angelica ran back upstairs, I faced my father immediately


can you explain what I don’t know? ” I said almost angrily


I got married to her two years ago ” he said and I immediately went crazy


what did you just said? ” I asked


son, am sorry, You should understand ” he said


understand what, how can you get married to my girlfriend and tell me to calm down ” I shouted


If you truly love me you should forget this ” he said


I ran upstairs, to be sincere, I love my father, but how can he do this to me,,,





Grandma, I have to go now ” I said, am actually on my way to The Roberts house,there is a party going on, a welcoming party for his son.


I have to go there to find something for us to eat, Both grannies are old, they can’t work anymore, of course, it been ten years. Am now twenty years old, I can’t say am a pretty girl, I have only one dress and no slippers, but am not ashamed.


I always wonder why my grandma told me not to work, they are now my responsibility.


please, don’t be long, and don’t do anything silly when you get there ” grandma said,


Okay grandma ” I said


hey Buddy, let’s go ” I said to my dog, it’s a pretty dog, I really love it so much,






I got to the party and went straight into the store room to get something to eat, I can’t ask because they will chase me out.


I have to make sure they don’t see me, I entered the store and found a lot of food, I quickly took the nylon with me and pack some food, I was still there when I heard someone.



who are you and what are you doing here ” the person shouted I looked up and I could not believe my eye,,,, Angelica,,, here???


I pout my lashes twice, what is she doing here? , I finally remember what she told me Ten years ago.




Do you know about the biggest house here? ” she asked


you mean, the Roberts ” I asked


yes, I will be living there from now ” she said




Marilia? ” she asked and check me out from head to toe, I dropped the food in my hand shamelessly,,


Angelica is totally different from me, she have nice dress on, her hair is neatly packed not like mine that is dirty, I don’t even have a comb to arrange my hair.


I can see you are still poor as usual, and you are here to steal ” she said and smirk wickedly


Guards ” she called and three men ran inside immediately


yes mam ” they said


arrest her, she tried to steal from the store ” she said


please am begging you, let me go, I just want to get something for my poor grannies to eat” I said weeping bitterly


They ignore me and grab me, I continue begging them until a voice came in.


what is going on here ” I looked up and saw Francis


she tried to steal ” Angelica said with an angry face


leave her alone ” Francis said and they left me immediately


Angelica left angrily


Francis gave me my food and wipe my tears


thank you ” I said


you are welcome,, you should go and give the food to your parents ” he said and I smiled


okay ” I said


can we meet tomorrow? I have something for you ” he said


yes, I will come, but not here please ” I pleaded


of course not, how about where I met you yesterday ” he said


that’s better ” I said and he touched my cheek


I ran home feeling sad and happy at the same time








Story By Wuraola



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