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Episode Nine








Why don’t we just get married? ” I asked


What? ” Marilia grasped and stand up from the long bench


Am serious, I can’t wait to have you as my wife ” I said and smiled


I,,,,,,,, ”


You don’t have to worry about anything, ” I said and she sat down again


You love me right? ” I asked


She nodded, I smiled and took her hand


So, am gonna propose properly tomorrow, wait and see ” I jumped up, I saw her as she blushed


see, I just made you blush ” I said


Stop it, I’m not blushing ” she said while facing down


okay ” I replied




I just wish you know how much I love you Marilia, I love you so much, I will do anything for you.


I really have to go home ” She said as she check her wrist watch


am really gonna miss you ” I said



am already missing you idiot ” she said


oh, I guess you won this time ” I smirked and kissed her so hard that she pushed me from her to catch her breath.


You wanna kill me with a kiss, you are so unbelievable ” she said and ran away I smiled, I think am crazy already.




Dad, am getting married to Marilia soon ” I heard as Francis told Robert in his room


I became angry immediately, he’s going too much, getting married to that bitch?


I went into my room started pacing round the room


are you bothered with something? ” Robert asked as he came in


Nope, am fine. I just missed you, that’s all ” I said and started flirting with him.


I just hope I get what I want, I don’t love him a bit. I just want his money and idiot doesn’t even know this.


I smirk inwardly as he enjoy every bit of what I do to him,


Is Francis getting married to that girl? ” I asked


yeah, am so happy for him, finally he’s going to be serious ” He said and I faked a smile


Yeah, you are right ” I said and kissed him


I think I have to slow down for a while, Marilia just make sure you get married to Francis and I will make your life hell on earth.


Trust me





Back in America, Marilia father [ Micheal.] never stop looking for Marilia, he always wish for see her one day.


Brother, I can assure you that we are going to see her ” His half sister Jenny said as she patted his back


I hope so, I always dream of taking care of my daughter, but I think I lost my dignity as a father ” He said sadly


Micheal, you can’t say that. Am sure every child will want a dad like you ” Jenny said and hugged him


I really want to see her, am sure Lisa is not happy with me ” He said


Jenny sigh, she know that she can never convince him.


She keep on thinking of how to find Marilia, she can’t bear to see him like this everyday.







Story by Wuraola





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