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Episode Eleven






I went home looking happy than ever, Robert just watch me as I destroy you. I smirked inwardly,


Baby, you look somehow. Are you okay? ” Robert asked


Yea, I’m okay. ” I said weakly


no, you are not okay ” He said


I think my plan is working after all, I suddenly ran into the toilet pretending to Vommit


Angelica, are you okay? ” He asked looking worried


Yea ” I said and pretended as if I fainted


Angelica!! ” He shouted


I felt him as he carried me, I smiled inwardly


He carried me into to car and am sure he’s taking me to our family doctor. Soon we got to the hospital and the doctor attended to me, I woke up after that. ” Mr Robert can I see you in my office? ” The doctor asked



of course ” Robert said and left with the doctor


Angelica, I think this is going to be bad ” Sophia said looking scared


just trust me buddy ” I said and she nodded






what is wrong with my wife doctor ” I asked looking scared


Congratulations ” he said and I became confused


For what ” I asked


Your wife is two months pregnant ” he said


I can’t endure the happiness that appeared within me, I jumped up immediately and ran into Angelica’ s room.


What is happening ” she asked


The doctor said you are two months pregnant ” he shouted and hugged me tightly


Wow, am so happy. Finally am carrying your baby ” she said and a tear dropped from her eye


yeah, I love you so much ” i said


I love you too ” she said






I heard Angelica is pregnant ” Francis said and smiled


Wow, I’m so happy for her ” I said



Yeah, maybe she will become nice now that she’s pregnant ” he said and we laughed


yeah you are right ” I said


I think something is wrong with me, I keep on developing fever and sometimes I feel dizzy.


I think I have to tell Francis


” Uhm Francis, I ”


I have to go now, I will talk to you later ” he said and pecked me, he went out immediately


I wonder when he will have time, he’s always busy with work.


I sigh, I really need him to take me to the hospital.





I was pacing round the room, thinking about what to do with this fake pregnancy.


Suddernly, an idea came to my brain and I smirked


Marilia get ready to get out of this house.








By Wuraola





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