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Episode Two .







Micheal house


Micheal mother on phone with her friend


Yeah, am happy that he actually got married to your daughter,,,, yea Lisa is just a fool a fool,, I can’t let her give birth to Micheal child here ”


She laughed devishly not knowing that Michael is listening to her, he shouted.


” mom!!!!!!!!! ”


Micheal, it’s not what you think, am,,, ” she starmmered


I can’t believe you are so evil, how can you do that to a pregnant woman, you are the devil himself, I hate you ” he shouted at her and went out of the house.


He search everywhere he can but it was fruitless, he suddenly remember Ella, he went to her house but met no one, a woman came to meet him where he stood.


young man, who are you looking for? She asked


Ella mam ” he said softly


oh, Ella left here with her friend like ten years ago ” she said


with her friend? ” micheal became curious


yes,, she was actually pregnant then ” she said


mam, do you have any idea where they are, ” he asked


of course ” she said


please can you give me the address? ” he asked immediately


sure ” she replied


He handed her a pen and a note, the woman write the address and gave him.


” thank you so much ” he said and left


He did not even bother to go home, since he have cash with him,


He got to the village late at night,, he followed the address given to him, and to his luck he met Lisa and Marilia outside their house.



Lisa saw him from afar and was shocked, she stood up immediately, Micheal ran to her and hug her.


am so sorry Lisa, I was fooled ” he said as he cried on Lisa shoulder


I understand you Micheal, you know I always loved you and have been wishing you come back to your sense one day, I really love you so much ” Lisa said in tears


I love you too Lisa ” he said and kissed her


who are you? ” Marilia asked touching Micheal


Lisa is this my daughter? ” Micheal asked


yes ” Lisa replied


Micheal carried Marilia up,


am your dad baby ” he said


really?,,, why am I seeing you for the first time? ” Marilia asked, Micheal was quiet, how can he explain everything to her?


baby, your dad was busy, but from now, he will always be with you, ” Lisa said and Micheal smiled


really??,, am so happy,, my dad is so handsome ” she said


Micheal and Lisa planned to leave for America,


” I don’t have any plan to go into that house anymore, she can live there all alone ” Micheal said sadly


it’s okay, we will leave, ” Lisa said


dad, I love to go to school, I always see my mates going to school everyday, but I stay home, am so sad ” Marilia said


don’t worry baby, once we get to America, you will start schooling, will you like to enter an aero plane? ” Micheal asked


wow, of course ” she said and ran to hug him.






After all the necessary things, their flight took off



Marilia, what do you want me to give you once we get to America? ” Michael asked


Nothing, I just want you to enroll me in a school ” she said


baby, you don’t have to worry about that, I will do it ” he said


Everything was going smoothly until the pilot announced that the plane may crash any minutes from now.


Everyone became scared, they all saw as the plane catch fire from the back, everyone started running to the front of the plane.


Lisa hold on to me!! ” Micheal shouted and carried Marilia up


daddy ” marilia cried


don’t worry baby,, everything will be fine ” micheal tried to calm her down even though he’s not sure.


Finally the plane crashed, into a sea,,, everywhere was dark because it’s midnight.


Micheal stood up, he was badly injured but he have to look for Lisa and Marilia,,,, he found Lisa. Who was already dead


Lisa!!!, please wake up, please ” but there was no response He continued searching for Marilia, but she’s no where around.


Even when it’s morning, Marilia was not found by the air force,,, Lisa was buried and Micheal was discharged from the hospital.


Now back to being alone, Lisa is gone, Marilia is also gone


What a life,,,,








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