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Story written by WURAOLA






By Wuraola


Episode One ⭐⭐⭐



I told you, leave my son alone, I don’t like you, just get out of my son’s life with your f**king pregnancy!! ” Lisa mother in-law shouted at her.


This is what Lisa has been going through the first day she step into her husband’s house,, her mother in-law hates her with passion.


mother, how can you tell me to get away from your son, don’t you have any human feeling?, am pregnant ” Lisa cried


who cares,, am bringing in a new wife for my son, so back off ” she shouted


They heard a car horn from outside, Lisa husband ( Michael.) came in


mother,, you are here ” he said


yeah,, am here to take good care of my daughter, you know she’s pregnant ” she said, pretending as usual,


Lisa shook her head sidely, how can someone be as wicked as this



oh that’s good” Michael said and kissed Lisa. Micheal mother scoffs and went in


She text her friend



That girl is getting on my nerves


I told you, let’s get ride of her right away ,, the person replied But how,,,,, she asked


We will just have to chase her out of the house tomorrow while your son is at work tomorrow


Yea, that is what we are going to do, Michael must marry your daughter to keep this friendship going,, She said


that’s it,, she replied








Lisa, I will be back ” Micheal told Lisa


Don’t take long please ” Lisa said and hug him


please, what ever may happen, always remember that I love you ” Micheal said and kissed her.


“Go now, ” Lisa said and smiled.


Few minutes later, Micheal mom and her friend came in, they drag Lisa out, pushed her outside with her loads. Not minding if she’s pregnant.


mother, please let me stay here till I give birth to his child, I promise to leave after that , please ” Lisa cried in pain


no , get the Hell out of here ” They shouted


Lisa left the house and went straight to her childhood friend, Ella,, she was surprised to see Lisa in such condition.



” how can someone be as heartless as that, you are heavily pregnant for God sake ” Ella said


She’s evil,,, my pregnancy is Nine months already, I should be expecting my baby soon, ” Lisa cried


Am sure Micheal will come for you when he get home and find out you are not there ” Ella said


Yeah, I know Micheal love me ” Lisa said in assurance





Micheal House



Micheal got home and discovered that Lisa is gone, even with her clothes, seeing that, one will know that she’s really out of the house


mom where is Lisa ” Micheal shouted at her mom


Micheal calm down,,,, this is what I found on the table this morning when I got


uup ” she handed Micheal a letter ,, she wrote it with her friend’s help.


Micheal took the letter and read



Micheal dear, I know this is too sudden, but I have to go. I don’t love you anymore, and besides the baby is not even yours, am taking the baby to the rightful father.

Thank you for everything


Micheal finished the letter and screamed loudly.


Micheal, I told you that girl is not good for you, how dare she bring in a bastard here ” She said, and tried to touch him


I want to be alone! ” Micheal shouted at her and went in.


How can he live without Lisa in this big mansion, many things went through his mind.








I can’t believe Micheal can do this to me ” Lisa cried while Ella patted her back


Ella can we just leave here, do you know where we can go?, I want to be far from Micheal, he will never see me again ” Lisa said in tears


I have someone in a small village we can go there for now ” Ella said


Ella, you are the best, I will never forget you ” Lisa said


we are best friends ” Ella said


The next day, they pack all their bags and all other things they will need,, they have to board a ship to get to where they are going.


It’s midnight, Lisa screamed out it’s time to deliver her baby


Lisa you will be fine ” Ella said and ran to call other women in the ship, they quickly attended to her.


Few minutes later, she gave birth to a beautiful girl with her angelic blue eye. She smiled and said.



” I will name you MARILIA,,,, because I gave birth to you on water ”


Ella patted her back softly








By Wuraola


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