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The Scar: The Kids Are Watching


(episode 5)



The heart of man is desperately wicked and that’s why it is hard to trust anyone these days because you never know who is behind your tears, but smile with you in the open. Isn’t it suspicious that Naya lost her unborn baby through miscarriage without prior signs or symptoms in her body that something was wrong with her? It’s undeniable that miscarriage can happen to anyone for different reasons but for Naya’s case, the chances were low because she carefully obeyed the ‘Dos and Don’ts’ of pregnancy and also didn’t have prior health issues. With this in check, the bitter question would now be “what went wrong?”.


At this junction, no one was a suspect yet and no actual reason have been communicated to Naya as to why she lost her baby. The look on Derrick’s face the very moment the doctor broke the sad news was enough to suspect that something was wrong somewhere. Despite the fact that he acted up and tried to show emotions every now and then, a person who can see beyond the surface would be able to tell that his emotions weren’t genuine. However, we can’t point accusing fingers just yet because there wasn’t any evidence to prove that Derrick had a hand in his wife’s miscarriage. All we can do now is keep our fingers crossed and watch out.


When the doctor was done communicating the sad news to the couple, Naya completely lost her mind and didn’t hold back her emotions. “It can’t be so! Doctor, what happened to my baby? I haven’t done anything that has the ability to put my unborn baby at risk. I obeyed and kept to everything my doctor and nurses told me to do. How then did this happen? Please doctor talk to me. I never got a chance to see my baby whom I already loved dearly; why is this happening to me?” the devastated Naya cried out.


The atmosphere at that moment was highly intense and it felt like the bad energy had come to stay because Naya wasn’t ready to stop crying anytime soon. The doctor tried to console her by ensuring her that more babies will come and those ones would stay till delivery. Derrick thanked the doctor for being helpful and kind before finally convincing his wife to follow him home.


The ride back home that day was the saddest moment of Naya’s life. She sobbed all through while Derrick drove the car in silence. He tried to show concern for his



wife’s predicament by gently rubbing her laps with one hand, while driving with the other.


Immediately the tired and sad couple got home, Naya went straight to the bedroom and shut the door. She cried all day and didn’t want to be consoled by anyone; not even her husband. On seeing that she needed space, Derrick decided to give her some time alone to cool off.


Majority might call Derrick a good husband for being there for his wife and supporting her all through the miscarriage, but was he truly showing the support a Real Man would have shown if his wife had a miscarriage? I mean, which man would be cool, calm and collected as Derrick was after such ill fate befell his family? Well, except he had a massive shock absorber or a suspect. However, one good thing about this life is that nothing is hidden forever; the truth will surface one day and I guess in this case, it wasn’t for too long.


It’s been a month after Naya’s miscarriage and she had began to gently pick her broken heart back together. Derrick was a good support system for his wife; as he was there for her at all times. The best thing he did was to tune down on the domestic violence and drama. Due to this new development, Naya had a little peace which aid her healing process.


Everyday, Naya spoke to her mum and family on phone and this helped massively in her recovery process. It wasn’t easy for the grieving lady but life sadly had to go on.


Erica was there for Naya all through those hard times as a dear friend that she was. No one ever suspected or tried to investigate the true cause of the miscarriage but rather accepted it in good faith. Naya was surrounded by love and it helped massively in her recovery.


Most nights, Naya would cry out to God in prayer and question why he took away her unborn baby. During those lonely nights, God was silent and didn’t reveal or say much to the grieving lady because she was too emotional to listen if he ever said anything. It was such a trying time for Naya because there was no answers to her numerous prayers and cry for help. After a long time of grieving, the sober lady finally moved on and accepted her fate as God’s will; but was it truly God’s will for



her? Did God give her a child only to take it back that way? I believe God wants the best for his children and not the worst, then what makes you feel that God loves inflicting pain and sorrow on those he loves just to test them?


It’s sad how most people feel that God loves a shattered and suffering version of them, when his word clearly said that he wishes above all things that his children prospers and be in good health, even as their soul prospers; so where did you get the narrative that God enjoys seeing you suffer as a form of testing you? If that’s how you see God, then it’s quite sad because God is nothing like that. He loves us and wants the best for us. What you know and believe God for is what you get from him, so whatever you see him as might influence your relationship with him.


Naya accepted that God took her unborn child away from her but that was far from the truth. If only she knew what went wrong? Well, not for too long because something unbelievable happened one fateful day.


It happened that Naya was preparing to go to work one morning when the waste management company came to take out their trash (garbage). Since there wasn’t a helper living with them at that time, Naya was the one available to oversee their activities.


The dustbin was filled so while the waste management worker carried it to empty inside the van, a large portion of the waste fell on the ground. As the worker tried to pack the waste on the ground, Naya immediately spotted a medicine packet that looked very strange. She bent down to look properly and figured that she hadn’t set her eyes on such medicine in her house. She picked the packet up while the worker packed the other waste from the ground to the van. In no time, they were done and the waste management van drove off, leaving confused Naya behind.


After few minutes of trying to figure out what that medicine was for and what it was doing in her personal trash bin, she retired inside the house, took a picture of the medicine packet and left for work. At that time, Derrick was not home because he left the house very early in the morning for an urgent meeting.


When Naya got to the office, she quickly removed her phone from her bag and Googled the medicine to know what it was for. The information she saw on Google



almost sent her to Coma so she decided to call her doctor just to be very sure her eyes weren’t playing tricks with her.


“Hello sir, how are you doing? Naya asked when the doctor picked up the call, “I’m fine, how are you doing and how is Derrick too?” the doctor inquired, “we are fine. I just sent you a picture of a medicine on WhatsApp, kindly check and tell me what the medicine is for” she said and he agreed to do so immediately.


Few minutes later, Naya’s phone rang and she hurriedly picked up. “Have you seen it? Please what’s the medicine for?” she curiously inquired. The doctor paused for a while and asked; “Please don’t tell me you took that medicine by any chance when you were pregnant or do you plan to do so now?” he asked but she said ‘No’. With that confirmation, the doctor confirmed her greatest fear. He took a deep breath and said; “That medicine is for abortion dear. I have to go now, talk to you later”.


When the call ended, it felt as though someone poured cold water on Naya’s body.


She felt lost and subconsciously muttered; “Why was it in my trash?”.



End of episode 5


Written by Sonia Okehie





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