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Honey!!! Baby!!! OH MY GOD,, Francis!!! ” Marilia cried in pain, her water just broke,,


Mam, are you okay? ” The maids rushed in


Are you blind? How can I be okay? You are just a fool to ask that question ” Marilia replied as the pain increased


Am sorry mam ” The maid pleaded


Call me my husband,,, be fast ” Marilia screamed


Two maids rushed out of the room immediately while the others waited to take care of her,, they tried to carry her up but she winced in pain.


Oh no,, my back!!! ” She shouted and they sat her down immediately Few minutes later, Francis came in sweating hard


Honey!! ” He shouted and carried her up in a bridal way


Am weak,,, am weak ” Marilia said in a low tone


Boss, you are too late. Please take her away before it become worst ” The nanny said


I will ” Francis said and run out of the house with Marilia in her arms.






Please stay strong, please ” He keep on checking her out, he was really panting in fear.



They got to the hospital and the nurses took her in immediately,,,,


I want my husband, where is he? ” Marilia Asked They quickly called Francis in and everything started,,,


Whenever Marilia scream, Francis will also scream along with her, this help Marilia to forget her pain.










Am so happy,,,,, Marilia. You are the best thing that ever happened to me, I love the baby so much. ” Francis said and kissed her


I love you too Francis, but am glad the baby is a girl ” She replied


I don’t care ” Francis whispered into her ear


Sir, someone is here for you ” The maid said as she came in


Who is the person? ” They asked


No idea ” She replied


You can go ” Francis


They went downstairs and met Angelica,,,, wait she look different. She’s not the same


Angelica? ” Marilia said in confusion


Marilia ” She said and run toward them in tears



Am sorry Marilia, please forgive me. I was just selfish, am really sorry. But trust me I’ve changed, forgive me Marilia ” She cried


I forgive you Angelica ” Marilia said


Yeah, she forgive you. But I don’t ever want to see you near us, okay? ” Francis said and point his finger at her


Angelica nodded and walked out of the house


I really feel for her ” Marilia said in a pitiful voice


I won’t take that from you, now that she’s out of that prison. If she dare come close to you, I will kill her ” Francis said angrily


It’s okay Francis ” Marilia said


You know I love you ” Francis said and grab her waist


I love you morer ” She replied and kissed him


The End


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