Sat. Jun 8th, 2024

San Diego, California.

Monday, 7am.




“Please, can you tell me how I can locate the administrative building”. I said to a white brunette who packed her hair in a ponytail.


“it is the second building by your right. It is beside the college shopping mall” she said.


“Thanks so much”. I said to her as I made my way to the place she just described to me.

I got to the administrative building and I went to the registrar’s office. The registrar is a short man with a protruding belly. He is probably in his late forties and he has a bald head.

“Good morning sir. I’m a new student and my name is Zakiyah Adams”. I said.


“Have your seat over there” he said pointing at one of the visitor’s chairs. I sat down and wait for him to finish whatever he was doing on his system.

After a while he printed out my timetable for me. He also gave me a copy of the college’s map and a temporary ID card and he asked me to come for the permanent one in a weeks time.

“Welcome to the university of California, San Diego. I hope you have a nice time here” he said as I stood up.




“Thanks sir”. I said and made my way out of the office.

Written by Authoress Adesewa


I checked my wristwatch and I saw that it’s already 8:20am. I can’t believe I’m already late for class on my first day.

I checked my timetable and I was having CHE 212 at College theatre room5. I wonder where that might be.

I was still going through the map to see if I can locate the lecture theatre when someone bumped into me causing my map, timetable and ID card to fall off my hands.

I looked up and saw a very tall guy glaring at me. I was expecting him to apologise but what he did next shocked me.


“Next time, look where you are going to, I know you are covering your head but must you also close your eyes” the guy said.

I am so angry, surprised and mad all at once. I wasn’t even the one who bumped into him, he was the one who almost run me down.




“Hey idiot, I don’t know if you’ve always been stupid or you’re just practising your stupidity because the last time I checked, you were the one who bumped into me and not the other way round”. I said.

I bent and packed my things on the floor and marched off in search of the lecture venue.



To say I’m mad at the world is an understatement.

Firstly, I have to remember the stupid post a foolish pest posted on the school blog about me dating her. Can you just imagine, a whole me dating her. If she were to be the only girl left on this planet, I’d rather be celibate.

Secondly, I had to receive a call from my dad telling me about a stupid family dinner on Tuesday. I will have to see the people I detest most in this world which is Pamela Austin (my stepmom) and Wyatt Roman (my step brother).

To cap it all, my freaking car that was perfectly fine this morning suddenly have to break down in front of the Admin office.

Now tell me, isn’t that just great?

I was still burning in anger when I ran into a black girl on Hijab.

I don’t know why the Muslim folks like covering their head though.

After the exchange of words with the girl I just walked to my class.

Written by Adesewa

“Mr Austin, why are you just coming to my class? “. Mr Raymond asked. He is the chemistry lecturer and he doesn’t tolerates lateness in his class so I know I’m in hot mess.


“My car broke down on the way”. I said to him.


“Have your seat but next time don’t come late to my class. The only reason I’m pardoning you is because yoy are always punctual”. Mr Raymond said.

Thank God for small mercies????. I thought he was gonna send me out of his class.

I sat down and quickly scanned the class searching for my besties with my eyes.

I saw Jace listening to Mr Ray but Brayden was pressing his phone. He is a phone freak in case you are wondering.

I brought out a book and I was jotting some points Mr Raymond made when I heard him say “young lady, why are you just coming to my class? ”

I look up and I was surprised to see that it was the same girl I had an encounter with on my way to class. I can’t believe we are in the same department, but come to think of it I know everyone in my department so why haven’t I seen her before. I wondered.


“We are having a new student in the department”. I remembered Jace’s word from last night.

Oh, so she is the new girl and I already have a clash with her. I remember telling my friends I’d be the first person to sleep with her but we’d see about that later.

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