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Episode Fourteen



Marilia Sister



I and my boys keep on walking toward the house with the picture of Marilia I was given, we got there and was surprised to see everything already turned to ashes.


What is happening here? How do I find her, suddenly my eye caught the shadow on the floor.


Wait guys, I think she was here ” I traced the shadow and we got to a spot.


Mam, after she got here. A car drove off,,,,,, ” one of my men said and we all entered the car and continue moving.


I saw someone lying down in there ” He pointed at an image lying lifeless


Stop the car immediately ” I shouted, we got down of the car and run toward her


” Marilia ” I shouted


She was bleeding out,,,, oh my God this is serious


Carry her, we need to rush her to the hospital ” I screamed, the boys carried her into the car and we drove off


We got to the hospital and the doctor attended to her immediately, minutes later he came out of the ward.


Doctor, what is happening, is everything okay? ” I asked


She’s really hurt, I think she was kicked in her belly. She’s pregnant ” he said


What?!! ” I shouted,, I’m really scared


you have to take it easy please ” he said


So, what is going to happen to her ” I asked


She will be fine ” he said and walked back to the ward


I ran out to call my brother



Can you come right now please,, she’s still unconscious



I will be there in a jiffy, just take care of her



I will



Am coming right now


I ended the call and went back to the ward






I woke up and grumbled in pain,,, my stomach. I opened my eyes and I sat down immediately. Where am I?


You are awake ” Someone said beside me, I faced her and her face is unfamiliar.


Who are you? ” I asked and she moved closer to me and ruffled my hair. She started weeping and I was surprised


What is happening here? ” I asked again


I never knew am going to see you again, ” she continue weeping


A man came into the room and run to hug me, I pulled him away from me


Who are you guys ” I asked


Am your father Marilia,,,, I am your father and she’s your sister ” he said and wipe off his tears


My father? How,,,,,, ”


it’s a long story,,, but, the best thing is that we are here now. Am so happy to see you, I thought am going to die without setting my eyes on you ” He cried and it was so emotional


My father is crying right before me, I joined them in weeping and hugged them both


I love you so much,, I really miss you so much ” He said


Can you please call me daddy? ” he said


Yes,,,,,,,,, dad ” I said and he hugged me again


Finally, I can call someone dad. I suddenly forget all my pain,,,, I am so happy.








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