Mon. Feb 12th, 2024

Episode Sixteen


[ Finale.]






I stare at the people inside the prison, they are murderers who never regret what they did. But I really regret what I’ve done, I was just selfish.


One of them came to be, I became scared even though she’s a lady like me, but she’s dangerous


Hey you ” She called while the others laughed, I guess she’s their leader here I kept quiet, but she grab my hair using it to pull me up winced in pain


Please let go of my hair ” I pleaded


Next time I speak to you, you don’t keep mute ” She said angrily while I nodded


The others laughed as she pushed me away,,, I sat down on the floor weeping silently.


This is just impossible, how can I stay here.






You don’t have to ask for my forgiveness sir, you did everything because you loved her ” I said with a smile


Mr Robert actually asked me to forgive him, he never knew angelica was as wicked as this, but thank God everything is good now.



Thank you so much,,, ” He replied and Francis hugged him before we started leaving the compound.


I and Francis will be living separately from now, this is the best decision.






We got to the mansion and it was fantastic, it’s really beautiful than the way it was described.


Francis, this is wonderful ” I said and hugged him tightly,


Don’t be mistaken, this is for my baby ” he teased


Who cares,,, ” I replied






I love you Marilia ” He pronounced


I love you too Francis ” I replied






Where are we going? ” I asked and rolled my eye


Room ” he said and laughed


For what? ” I asked curiously


You will find out soon ” he said and winked


Put me down ” I screamed with laughter even though I don’t mean it








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