Sat. Jun 8th, 2024

Episode two





Anyone that isn’t willing to participate in that challenge is a fool. I mean ten million dollars. That’s a whole lot of money.


I parked my bicycle outside and entered my room, walking very fast.


“Easy Leopard, what’s the rush and aren’t you supposed to be distributing papers?” My best friend Tina asked following me into my room.


She had been in the living room, watching movies and eating.


“You are not going to believe this, I saw a leaflet and it says…..ugh just a look at


it” I fished out the paper and gave it to her.


I brought out my travel box and started packing my clothes.


When it comes to fashion, trust Tina to pick out my clothes so when it comes to my closet, I’m pretty proud of it.


“Woah this is lot..” Tina drawled


“Yeah I know right but there are this set of girls that said they doubt if anyone would participate”


“It’s their loss girlie, I know you can do it, need any more romantic tips, I’m just a phone call away.” Tina said and helped me pack.


“You aren’t going to try to stop me?” I raised an eyebrow.


“Do you hear yourself?” She glowered at me with her hands on her hips. “I’m already thinking of how we’ll spend the money on a vacation”


I shook my head and chuckled, that was what I expected.


“Don’t disappoint me Daisy, if you do, I’m slicing you into pieces”


“Yes ma’am. You’ll tell my parents right? I don’t want to be late”


“You can always count on me”


I nodded and hugged her.


“Please don’t tell me you’re going to ride thag bicycle to the Palace” she whispered in my ears.


I froze and disengaged from the hug. “Oh no, that’s what you want to do?” She gasped in horror.


I looked away guiltily and carried my box.


“Get yourself a uber, don’t disgrace me”


I nod in agreement and ran out quickly.


I pitied my bicycle as I went out the front door and promised it I would take it out on a vacation as soon as I win.


I entered the palace reception and looked around in surprise. I was expecting it to be bustling with people instead, it was silent and I seemed to be the only applicant.


The receptionist eyes lit up when she saw me “you’re our first applicant and definitely out last. I really love your bravery” she flashed me a smile.


Seems luck is really on my side” I thought to myself “first the reception is silent, secondly the receptionist is friendly to me.” I had the confidence to participate.


No body truly wants to take up the challenge because they are afraid of the prince. I guess I’ll soon know what exactly they are afraid about the Prince.


An hour later, I was ushered in to car to the prince abode I guess.


Everything is really going easy. I couldn’t help but notice the furtive glances the driver and his colleague threw at me.


We arrived what I would call paradise on Earth.


The car stopped and I got down in awe. I had barely put my luggages down when the driver sped off.


“Good luck” he shouted.


What’s with them??


I shrugged it off and walked to the front door.


I rang the doorbell and plastered a smile on my face, waiting for a response.


The door opened and a beauty blinding angel opened the door.


“Go back to where you come from” he said coldly and slammed the door hard.


I took an involuntary step backwards,


Okay, what the hell happened?








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