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Episode seven












Two weeks later,


I haven’t done anything about the challenge nor gotten anywhere. It’s over two weeks now and he keeps ignoring me. The silent treatment is really eating me up.


I don’t need the money anymore, I need to let him know he can’t ignore me forever and I’m going to make him fall in love.


“I can’t give up, my reputation is at stake.”


The weekend passed, no girlfriend. It’s really getting out of hand.



What’s it about those girls? I must be lucky he even touched me. I think I’m done using others to make him fall in love, I’m going to use myself as a bait to make him fall in love even though he loves ignoring and giving me silent treatment.


I stood up and entered the bathroom to refreshen up. My body had an unusual colour to them.


I was burning up, the weather had been pretty harsh these days but it seemed not to have effect on Eric since he always turned on the air conditioner.


I took my bath quickly and head to his room. “We are going to the grocery store together.” I told him.


He glanced up from the book he was reading and gave me a questioning eye.


“Yh we are” I argued with his silent protesting.


He continued reading and neglected me again.


I marched over and snatch the book from him. We both both eat, now we have to go to the store besides you have no maid or driver. “I’ll keep disturbing till we go, I’m really famished.”


Eventually, he got and drove to the store. Since it was a market, we stopped the car a little far from the store and walked in.


People didn’t know it was their prince since he wears disguise.


My back was a little bit hunched over and my limbs were weak, making it hard for me to walk.


Suddenly, I felt a hand on my shoulder, trying to keep me upright and supporting my weight.


I looked back to see a smiling unknown person.


“You shouldn’t have come to the market when you know you’re ill” the man said.


“I needed the groceries” I replied, totally forgetting Prince Eric’s presence till he talked.


“Hands off her” he growled, the sound coming deep from his throat.




“Sorry are you with her?” The man asked.


Instead of replying, he dragged me away from the man.


With the lack of someone supporting my weight, my limbs shook violently.


His eyes widened a little, he must have felt my body temperature.


He did what I would never have expected in a thousand lives.


He dumped the grocery bags on the floor and gave me a piggy ride back to the car.


This is the first time I’m very close to him. His aftershave and woods smell filled my senses. This is great, the prince is carrying a lady. If only I can understand him.


I relaxed and closed my eyes, enjoying my ride. “What’s with the change?” I wondered.


I woke to find myself on the bed with a cold towel on my forehead and a plate of hot porridge. It must have been what woke me up.


I sat up, feeling slightly better than before. I looked around, saw he wasn’t in the room and I was on his bed!


I took the porridge and ate. Halfway through the meal, be came in with nylon bag. From the looks of it, he was coming from a pharmacy.



He dropped the drugs on the table and left, guess he’s back to the silent treatment.


I dropped the food and went after him.


“Hey!” I called out.


He stopped and raised his eyebrows again? He must really love doing that.


“If you know you’re going to continue giving me the silent trea……” I was saying


but was interrupted.


He placed his lips on mine gently, I was too stunned to do anything.


I continued blinking my eyes in surprise, unable to stop.


He smiled “I was going to get you warm water” he winked and turned around, heading towards the kitchen.


Is this the prince? Prince Eric?


He winked at me? He kissed me!!


Omg I think I’m going to tell the whole world, the prince is falling for me.


My heart fluttered in my chest and butterflies filled my stomach.


I happily skipped back to his room, laid back on his bed and put the towel back on my head.


Opportunity comes but once, this is going to pass me by.


Besides no boy has ever taken care of me personally.












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