Sat. May 11th, 2024

Episode nine




Prince Eric


“Hello” I answered my ringing phone and went to the bathroom.


“Your betrothed is coming over this evening” the person on the other end said.


“What do you mean by betrothed?” I asked.


“Someone you’re supposed to get married too” mother replied.


“No mother, I’m not interested. If she comes here, you’ll hate how she’ll return to you” I threatened but she already hung up.


I called her back immediately, it rang several times but she didn’t answer.


I threw the phone into the bathtub angrily.


“Set this house on fire, that way that girl won’t come. By the way, what’s Daisy doing on your bed?” The second voice said in my head, sounding foreign to me.


Funny how it’s been long I heard the voice, thinking about Daisy or being with her alleviates the voice. The more I stay with her, the voice disappears but what do I do with the unknown betrothed coming?








Prince Eric’s ringtone woke me up from my sleep and fortunately, I heard all the conversation.



A betrothed wants to come when my work is in progress so she can take all the credit for herself, I won’t allow that.


Never ever.


I tiptoed out of his room to mine and brought out my phone.


I unlocked it and found two missed calls and a new message.



I clicked on the message and read, it said Dear applicant, we appreciate your work but we’ll have to call it off now. Kindly visit the office and claim your reward




There’s no way I’m leaving here for someone else, I can’t claim a reward of something I haven’t done.


I put all through the sender and waited as it rang.



“Hello, this is Zena. How may I help you?”



“Oh hi Zena, I felt to let you know you can’t ask me to leave here neither can you bring his betrothed here.”


“Why? And how do you know someone his coming?”



“He’s angrily talking to himself” I replied.



“The prince never talks to himself whenever he’s angry.”


Shit.. I swore internally



“Well he does now he’s mentally unstable. I’d advice you not to bring anyone here so I can heal him completely. My uncle thought me the tricks” I said, hoping she buys it.



Omg! Is his situation that worst?” “Sadly yes” I replied in a sober voice.

“You need to vacate here immediately then”



“No no no” I replied quickly “I’m the only one that can help him” “Ohh, the king needs to hear about this.” She said.


“And yeah, the prince asked me to collect the girl’s number, he claimed to have misplaced it”


“Okay, sure” she answered and called the number for me then hung up.



I took a deep breath and placed a call to the number. No one should call me selfish, I’m just helping the prince.



“Hello” a very silky voice answered



“Hi, I learnt you’re the prince’s betrothed”






“So I would advice you not to go over, the prince is mentally unstable and it hasn’t been known to the world except for a few people.”


“Why are you telling me this?”



“Because I’ve followed tabs of you and you’re my celebrity idol. I so much care about you” I lied effortlessly.


“Turn the car” she ordered and hung up.


Hmph…..she couldn’t even say thanks! I’m doing her a favour.



“Daisy?!” I heard the prince call out.


I ran into the bathroom and turned on the shower, letting it run. I can’t let him see me, he might look through me and know what I’ve done.











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