Sat. May 11th, 2024

Episode Ten










Hmph…..she couldn’t even say thanks! I’m doing her a favour.


“Daisy?!” I heard the prince call out.


I ran into the bathroom and turned on the shower, letting it run. I can’t let him see me, he might look through me and know what I’ve done.


“Come on out Daisy, I know you aren’t bathing” the prince said, his voice coming from the door.


Seeing there was no way out, I opened the door timidly and came out with my head down.


“Now tell me why you lied?” He asked, using his fingers to raise my chin up.


“I did?” I asked.



“Stop replying me with questions”


It was so hard to look at him in eye.


“I heard your conversation” he replied “why did you do it?”


“Because I love you” I blurted out senselessly.


“Hmmmhhh… love me?” He asked throatily.


Heavens! Did I just say that?! Gosh I’m so stupid..


I stopped thinking about everything else when he placed his lips on mine, kissing me slowly and yet very passionate.


His scent filled my senses and everything that happened next was on impulse.


“I think we should stop” he rasp out. He was lying on top of me on my bed.


“No no, please don’t stop” I said quickly, not wanting the moment to end.


“Are you sure?” He asked even though his eyes was saying otherwise.


I removed my blouse in response and felt him turn hard. I smiled triumphantly internally, glad at the effect I have on him.


Gently, he stood clad in front of me, I moaned in pleasure as he sucked at my n*pples hard and used his tongue to play with them. The sensation was so much, I arched my bag, enjoying every bit of it.


He rode inside of me slowly at first, then fast and placed soft kisses all over my body. Also, I stupidly kept whispering in his ears, telling him how much I love him and how I have strange feelings with him around.


And so that’s it, I helplessly got myself attached to the prince and fell in love. I guess I’ll just have to be patient with him till he falls in love with me.



One month later,


I turned to him on the bed, my head lying on his bare chest while he stroked my hair after we finished having another round of a passionate sΒ£x.


“I love you” I told him, hoping to get a response this time but as usual, he pretended not to hear.


“Did you hear me?” I asked. “Why aren’t you saying you love me?”


“Can we not talk about love?” He replied, kissing my forehead.


“Who am I to you then? I want an honest answer.”


A small smile played on his lips and I let myself relax, maybe he really cares about me.


Someone I use to clear my head, that stops the voice, you’re a means of distraction to get a break from my head.” He said, the he froze as if realizing what he just said.


Ouch that hurts, the truth really hurts.


I gave a small laugh and looked at him intently in the eye “Glad I meant something to you then and I’m very useful” I kissed him lightly on the lips and left for my room sadly.








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