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Chapter Seven




Jennifer halted Cindy at the entrance to the office.


“Miss Cindy let me first inform the CEO of your presence”, she said.


Cindy was stunned.



“You crazy? Do you see me as a visitor or what?”, she barked at Jennifer, Kesmanee’s PA.


She remained undaunted.


“That was the rule he gave me this morning, visitors and employees alike”, she stated emphatically.


Cindy looked at her confused.


“What’s all this? I mean I come here to see him and I don’t take any permission from you, why the change? Let me in to go see him”, she said.


Jennifer sighed.


“With due respect ma’am, it seems you wanna be fired”, she said.


Cindy calmed down and gave in.


“Ok, tell him I want to see him”, she said.


Jennifer went in while Cindy paced about waiting for her.


All these new systems because of the blind girl. Huh!


Jennifer came out few minutes later and signified her to go in.


Cindy straightened up and went into the office, without knocking.


Kesmanee was swivelling and concentrating on the PC on his desk.


Sharuna was sitted at the side, reading a braille.


She ignored her and walked up to Kesmanee.


“Hey CEO, good day”, she said.


Kesmanee looked up, “good day. What’s the problem?”, he asked.


“So you have forgotten so soon, huh?”, she asked.


Kesmanee was surprised.


“What do you mean?”


Cindy smiled and sat on his desk in a seductive manner, revealing her thighs.


Sharuna couldn’t see all this, she just bent her head so keen on the braille. But she could clearly hear them.


“You have forgotten. Anyway I came to remind you of the date; our date”


Sharuna looked up and gazed towards them.


Kesmanee turned to look at her, he saw her uneasiness and became angry.


“Are you stupid Cindy? What’s this embarrassment for? What date you talking about?”, he reeled out his questions.


Cindy gave a provocative laugh.


“Sweetheart,if you desire, pretend all I care. But I just came to remind you cause I know you must have forgotten because of some sort of blind…..”, a very defeaning slap arrested her remaining words.


“You stupid? How dare you?”, Kesmanee roared.


Cindy was stunned, holding her cheek.


“You just…. slapped me?”, she stuttered.


“And I will do more if you don’t respect your old age, now get out of my office, now!” he barked.


Sharuna just looked on, though she couldn’t see anything, she could clearly hear them.


Cindy cried and ran out.


Sharuna got up as soon as she heard the creaking sound of the door.


“Who’s she?”, she demanded.


Kesmanee walked up to her and held her hands.


She removed them. Waiting for an answer from him.


He sighed and ran his hands through his hair.


“Well, she’s…….my employee. Don’t let that bother you ok? Don’t”, he pleaded.


She sighed.


“I want to go home”, she said.




“Take me home”, she demanded. “I’m kinda not feeling comfortable”


Kesmanee sighed.


“Okay, just wait a little let me arrange some things, and I will take you home”, he said and walked to his desk.




Cindy walked into her office, slammed the door angrily and went to sit without looking at Sissy.


She was no longer crying as she had gone to the ladies to clean up.


She just sat on her sit lost in thoughts.


“I know some guys”, Sissy broke into her thoughts.


Cindy turned to look at her.


“What?”, she asked.


“I know what transpired between you and Kes, I know what’s going on in your mind right now. So, I said I know some guys”, she explained.


Cindy exhaled.


“Well, send me their details”, she replied.


“Straight away”




Cindy blared the car horn of her orange coloured Range Rover in front of her gate.


Soon, the gate opened and she drove in peacefully towards the garage.


She halted the car, slid down the glasses, locked up the doors, took out her purse from the back seat and came out.


As soon as she stepped out, her phone beeped.


She looked into it and a smile played on her face.


She dialed a contact and placed the phone on her ears. It was picked immediately.






“Hello”, she said


“Hello ma’am”, the person on the other line said.


“Yeah, you gotten the details?”, she asked.


“Yep, I have”


“Good, I heard you guys are good at this. So,I want it done soonest”


“No problem ma’am”


“Send me your account details. You know the deal, half down, half when the job is done”




“Leave out no traces, I want her eliminated”


“You can count on us. Expect a good news”


“Alright”, she ended the call.




Daughter of a bitch, you are going.


She smirked and walked into her house. Β©



Ndozi Nuellitta



To Be Continued









Love y’all











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