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Episode 48


By: Faith Lucky.


Jocelyn’s Pov:


“Rodney!” I shrieked from sleep and opened my eyes.


I looked around and noticed it was just a bad dream.


I opened my eyes and sat up, touching my forehead. I was kind of feeling head ache.


Then, I remembered the dream I had.


I was standing with Rodney. Then, suddenly, a rift broke out between both of us, making us stand apart.


We tried holding each other but couldn’t as the rift kept getting bigger and bigger until we were finally separated by a long distance.


I recalled it and wondered what it meant. That was the first time I was having such


a strange dream about Rodney and I and it was so fearful. It was as if something


was going to break us apart.




I was so worried about the dream that I could hardly eat. And to couple it up, I received a very sad news that Mrs Salome had left the state.


I cried my eyes out and tired reaching her on phone, but couldn’t. Instead, I got a letter from her, reminding me of how sorry she was for what she did and reminding me that she’d always love me as her daughter. *

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Later that day, I went to meet Rodney in his house, accompanied by Rachel. I just needed his comfort.


Immediately I arrived, I met him in the sitting room and ran into his arms.


“Hey wats up?” He asked as he held me like a baby.


“Um…Mr Rodney, is Leo at home?” Rachel asked and Leo replied her




“Who’s asking?”


She turned and saw him climbing down the stairs.


“Hold on, don’t tell me it’s you” he said conceitedly as he stood in front of her and she folded her hands.


“And what if I am?” She asked.


“Well, I’d say it’s a dream because I can’t believe someone like you can care about me” he replied and she scoffed.


“Stop deceiving yourself Leo. I was only hoping you wouldn’t be at home because I couldn’t afford to face a double crossing jerk like you” she replied.


“Rachel!” I called.


“What? Haven’t I told you what he did to me?”


“You know what, Rachel? Just save your breath. No matter what you do, I’m not gonna apologise to you” Leo said and took a seat, turning on the TV


Rachel glowered her eyes at him and walked out while Rodney and I watched in






I stayed with Rodney in his room but couldn’t get his full attention as he kept making numerous calls. It was probably preparations for his surprise party which was coming up that evening.


I thought of telling him about the dream but quickly dispelled it. I felt it was just a dream and perhaps, it had signified Mrs Salome leaving me. Yes; that’s what the dream meant.


After a while, Rodney started asking me to go home.


“But I don’t feel like leaving yet” I said.


“Come on Jocelyn. The party’s about to start. I need to make some preparations” he


replied and dragged me up from the bed.




“Jocelyn please” he said in an appealing tone and led me out of the room.


I frowned as I folded my hands and followed him out to the sitting room, only to meet Rachel and Leo having a serious argument.


I noticed Rachel was now putting on a different shirt. “Stop lying Leo. I caught you red handed.” She snapped. “And I’m telling you, you’re mistaken” “Hey, what’s going on?” Disney chimed in.



“Oh! Jocelyn, thank God you’re here. You wouldn’t believe what I caught Leo doing this time around” Rachel said.


“Rachel, what happened to your shirt?” I asked.


“That’s exactly what I’m trying to explain to you, Jocelyn. A maid had mistakenly spilled drink on me and she apologised and gave me a shirt to change in the guest room. And while I was changing, I caught Leo spying on me” she enthused.


“I wasn’t spying on you. I had no idea you were in the room for God’s sake. And why didn’t you could the door properly?”


“Oh! So now you’re trying to put the blame on me,,right? And if really you claim you weren’t spying on me,,why didn’t you leave immediately you saw me in the room?”


“Well, I was trying to leave before you looked back and saw me.”




“Yes. Were you expecting me to just evaporate or something?”


“Rachel!” I finally cut in and sighed.


“Forget about it. These two brothers are kill joys. Let’s get outta here”.


“Finally, you agree with me” Rachel said and followed me out of the house.




Rodney stood next to Leo and watched as both of them walked out stylishly.


“What an attitude” Leo said.


“Yeah” Rodney added with a nod.


Jocelyn’s Pov:


It was just few hours to the party and my anxiety had increased. I couldn’t wait for the outcome of the party.


Was Rodney really going to propose to me?


I was trying to decide on a dress when a maid came in and told me I was having some guests.


I quickly rushed out to check whom It was and there I found about four people – two boys and two girls – standing at the balcony.


One was holding a fashionable polythene bag, while two held heavy hand bags. “Good evening miss Jocelyn” they greeted in unison as I gave them a surprised look.


“Good evening…how may I be of help?” I asked, taking a proper look at them. “We were ordered to give this dress to you. You’re to put it on to mr Rodney’s surprise party” the one holding a polythene bag said as she stretched the bag out to me.


I collected it and peeped inside


“Who sent you?” I asked, already having a guess.


“It was Mr Rodney” one of them replied and I smiled.


I took a proper look inside the bag and couldn’t wait to bring out the dress. I could also see some shoes inside.


“Okay thanks a lot. I’ll put it on” I said happily and tried walking inside.


“Excuse me miss” one of them holding a big handbag said and I stopped to look at them.


“We’re Beauty Glamour makeover artistes and Mr Rodney has instructed us to take care of your facial appearance” the boy among them said and my cheeks turned red.


“Re…Really?” I asked, my face beaming with smiles.


“Yes ma’am” they replied.


I covered my face with my palm and laughed. Rodney was such a darling, wasn’t he?


I brought my hands down from my face and looked at them.


“Okay. You can come In and wait while I um…take my bath” I said and they nodded and went in with me.


I ran upstairs to my room and threw myself on the bed immediately, giggling. It was obvious the party was all about me. Yes; it had to be.


I opened the bag and brought out the dress. It was a glittering gold coloured gown that was very long and was bound to sweep the floor when I put it on.


Then, the shoes were classy blue heels that had some sparkles on them. I wonder how I’d look on them.


I picked up my phone and thought of calling him but quickly changed my mind.


So, I called Rachel instead.


I needed to tell her of the good news.


Rodney’s Pov:


I stood in front of the mirror, brushing my hair when mum came in.


I shut her a stare and smiled and turned back to the mirror.


“Hey mum” I called, not looking at her.


She walked up to me and stood behind me.


“You’re looking good” she complimented and I smiled and turned to face her.


“Thanks” I replied.


She looked at me,, over joyed.


“So…you’re gonna pop the question tonight, right?” She asked as she dressed my collar properly and I nodded with a smile.


She chuckled.


“That’s a great thing, dear. Jocelyn’s a nice lady, anyway. It’ll be great having her around” she said and paused, arranging my tie.


“You have my blessings with you, son” she said and kissed me on the cheek.




Who’s getting ready for the party?









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