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Episode 50




By: Faith Lucky.


Authoress Chi:


Rodney, Jocelyn, Megan and Leo all rushed into the hospital building curiously.


It was Dr Davis Hospital.


They went over to receptionists who directed them to her ward.


Jocelyn was there because she was worried about her sister.


Rachel was there because she had to go along with Jocelyn.


Leo was there mostly because Rachel dragged him to.


But Rodney…His whole system was disorganised. He had a greater fear in him. How come he never thought about it?


That incidence that night – between himself and Megan. Could this be it? No; no.


He just prayed it isn’t.


There’s no way it could happen.


He couldn’t afford to thin of the consequences.


They finally got to the ward and when they entered, they found her – Megan – sitting on the bed with her parents and Edith beside her.


Davis was in the room as well with a nurse and a stethoscope around his neck.


“Megan” Jocelyn called immediately and ran to her on the bed.


She touched her forehead, trying to feel her temperature. “Mum, what’s wrong with her? What happened?” “Jocelyn” Megan called softly and touched her palm.


“Please, calm down. You don’t need to worry much about me. I’ll be fine”.


Rodney’s anxiety had increased.


What could be wrong? Why did she pass out?


“But what happened to her? Is she okay?” Leo asked.


“Actually” Davis came in.


“I’ve run some tests on her and…”


He paused and adjusted the stethoscope around his neck.


“She’s going through a lot of stress and needs massive rest right now. She’s running high temperature which is resulting in the feverish symptoms she’s been experiencing. But not to worry, I’ll be prescribing some effective drugs for her and within the twinkle of an eye, it’ll all be over.” He expounded and Rodney heaved a huge sigh of relief; although nobody noticed.


“Thank goodness; it’s nothing serious.” Rachel mumbled.


“Please Megan; get well soon. Okay?” Jocelyn said.


“Um…sorry for interrupting your party” she said.


“I had no idea mum was going to call you. I’d have stopped her” .


“Well, I was scared. I thought it was something serious. The way you just psssed out” Mrs James grouse.


“Well, she’s been thinking a lot lately and that’s the reason she passed out.


I think she needs some fresh air. Don’t worry, Megan; I’ll fix a date for you with


someone” Davis said with a wink and few of the people in the room laughed; while


Megan just chuckled.


“Uh…Jocelyn” she called.


“How was the party?”


Jocelyn smiled and looked and looked at Rodney, then back at her.


“It was fine. Um…Rodney proposed to me” she replied and displayed the ring on her finger.


“Oh, my baby!” Mrs James exclaimed and stood up to embrace her.


“I’m happy for you”.


“Thank you mum.”


“Congratulations, Jocelyn” her father said and she giggled. “Congratulations, sis” Megan said with a light smile and looked at Rodney. “Congratulations” she said to him


“You two…are just perfect for each other. You deserve each other. I’m happy for you”.


Rodney took in a deep breath and inserted his hands into his trouser pocket.


“Thanks. And…get well soon. ” he replied and she nodded with a smile.


“And you; won’t you say something?” Rachel growled at Leo after nudging him. “And how does it concern you? The last time I checked, It’s my mouth and…” “Oh, please! its not yours. You should be grateful to God for allowing your mum to give birth to you. You’re such a jerk”


“Really? I’m trying to be kind here. Why are you being so difficult?”


“If you really want to be kind, you’ll have to make up for all the terrible things you’ve done to me.”


“But I didn’t do anything wrong. Fine! Just tell me what you want cause I’m tired of being haunted by you”.


“Seriously? I’m haunting you? Perfect!” Rachel said and stormed out of the room.


“Hey!” Leo called and went after her.


The rest of the people in the room just look at each other in amusement and laughed.


“Um…Jocelyn” Rodney called after a while.


“Can I have a word with you, please?”






He took her to a more quiet part of the building where they were sure to have some privacy.


“What’s wrong, Rodney?” She asked as they stood face to face with each other.


He took in a deep breath and inserted his hands into his trouser pockets.


He felt so nervous; but needed to do the right thing.


He couldn’t go on with the burden and secret anymore.


“Jocelyn” he called calmly and held her hand.


Her curiosity was Increasing as well.


“I love you so much, Jocelyn, with everything that makes me a man. And that’s the reason I’ve decided not to keep anymore secrets from you.” He paused and sighed again.


“I’m sorry bae; but I lied to you. That day at my personal house, when you had asked me if you were the first woman I ever had s3z with, I’m sorry, I lied.”. Jocelyn’s jaws dropped as she flinched.


“Before you showed up…Megan and I…We…” he paused and bent his head. “I’m so sorry. It was so complicated. But it’s all in the past now. It was a huge mistake and I want you to know I’m deeply sorry for it.” He went on his knees.


“Please, Jocelyn; I was just confused. I didn’t mean to. I…I was drunk and she… “I’m truly sorry. I swear with my life, you’re the only woman I’ve ever loved and will love for as long as I live”.


Tears were already rolling down her cheeks, although she wanted to stop them, but couldn’t.


It was just coming as a shock to her.


“How can I be the only woman you’ll ever love?” She asked tearfully.


“Stop lying to me, Rodney”.


“Jocelyn, I swear with my life; I’ll never love anyone else aside you; not even when


I’m dead” he said pathetically.


His heart was melting already.


“What about our baby?” She asked.


When we have a daughter, won’t you love her as much as you love me?” Rodney looked at her in surprise and penitence.


Then, with tears still rolling down her cheeks, she helped him up from the floor and embraced him.


“I love you, Rodney. And right now,,It’s impossible for me to think of leaving you”


she said ruefully, holding him tight.


Rodney was speechless.


He also held her tight and fought back his tears.


Then, they unlocked from the hug and he cupped her cheeks in his hands.


“I don’t know what I’m ever gonna do to show you how much I love you, Jocelyn. If I were to chose between an eternity in heaven and a moment with you, I’d come running to you without looking back at the gates of heaven. I’m not just lucky to have someone like you; I’m blessed”.


Finally, the tear came rolling down as he went for her lips, kissing her passionately.


She reciprocated happily and they kissed for a long time, not realising Leo and


Rachel were taking pictures of them.


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