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Chapter Six




The two ladies glared at each other, waiting for either of them to talk.


Then Sissy broke the silence;


“Okay you shoot first”, she said smiling.


Cindy exhaled.


“You wouldn’t believe what I saw”, she said making a face.


Sissy laughed.


“Tell me, there’s nothing the eyes had seen and shed blood”, she said.


“Hmm”, Cindy continued.



“You know I have noticed our CEO is always leaving office after work so early now”, Sissy nodded.


“And with his cold behavior towards me these days, so I trailed him. Only to find out that it is a poor blind girl, living in a slum that has captured him”, she reeled out demonstrating.


Sissy wasn’t surprised.


“I’m not surprised, because that’s exactly what I wanted to tell you”, Cindy was taken aback.


“What do you mean?”, she asked.


Sissy sighed.


“I saw the both of them at Cavicha last weekend. They were both wearing same outfits”.


This weaked Cindy to the bones.


She went mute for a while.


“Think that’s the girl responsible for his attitude lately”, Sissy said and Cindy slightly nodded.


“You aren’t far from the truth”, she said.


She left Sissy’s desk and walked to the window looking out.


Then, she saw it.


Kesmanee’s car peacefully drove in and halted at the parking lot.


She couldn’t wait to go confront him.


The car door opened and Kesmanee came out, went to the other side of the car, and opened it.


He helped someone out of the car.


What! She cleaned her eyes to be sure.


Yes, it was the same girl, he was leading her inside the building. It was the blind girl.




“Sissy”, Cindy called and Sissy looked up.


“He brought her to work”, she said.


Sissy was confused.


“What do you mean?”, she asked.


Cindy remained at the window looking without turning. “He brought the blind girl to work, come over and see them”


What! Sissy got up and walked to the window.


Yeah, that’s the girl.


She could remember.


She saw him leading her into the building.


“This is the height of it”, Sissy said and Cindy turned to look at her.


“What do you mean?”, she asked.


“He loves her Cindy. They’re in love”


Cindy felt her world crashing, she couldn’t believe it.


Her eyes popped out as her head twirled.




Kesmanee got to his office and introduced Sharuna to his PA.


“Hey Jennifer”, he called.


“Good morning sir”, she greeted.


“Morning. This is Sharuna, please I would want you to help me in making her


comfortable as you can see her state. So just in case I’m busy, you would help me


out”, he said .


Jennifer nodded.


“Okay sir. Good morning ma’am”, she greeted Sharuna.


“Morning dear”, she replied smiling.


Kesmanee and Sharuna walked into his office.





Cindy took the cigarette from the ash tray and lighted it.


She inhaled and puffed in smoke in the air.


She smirked.


This is really the height of it, no she couldn’t take it anymore.


She must do something.


Nothing should come in between her and Kes.


The lady was presently in the building with him, she was supposed to be the one there and not her.


She got up and left for his office. Β©



Ndozi Nuellitta



To Be Continued



Love y’all













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