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Chapter Eight




“I will be going to work tomorrow”, Vida, Sharuna’s mother said to Sharuna.


She was eating while Sharuna just laid her head down on the dining table.


She didn’t raise her head, seemed not to have heard her.


“I said I will be going to work tomorrow”, she repeated.


“Of course at night”, she replied still lying her head.


“No”, her mom disagreed, “in the morning”


Sharuna raised her head.


“Huh? I thought you are on night shift”, she said surprised.


“Well”, she exhaled, “yeah I’m supposed to be on night shift but I gat somethings to do. A woman would be visiting the store tomorrow and I really want to see her, it concerns your blind state”


Sharuna sighed.



“You worry yourself too much over this mom, I’ve told you I’m okay, I’ve accepted my fate”, she reeled out.


“Whatever, I do what I want”


Silence crept in.


Vida did more justice to her food.


Then Sharuna spoke up.


“Mum?…..”, she stuttered.


“Yes dear, what’s it?”


“It’s about Kesmanee”, she pouted


“What about him?”


“Mum I think it’s time you accept him wholly and leave keeping grudges”


Her mom went mute, facing her food squarely, like she hadn’t heard what Sharuna just said.


“Mum?”, Sharuna called.


“Anyways….. I will try”, she said and Sharuna exhaled.


“Please do mum, he means no harm and he’s kinda accommodating” Her mom made a face, pretending not to hear. Sharuna got up and held her mom’s hand.


“Follow me please”, she pleaded.


Surprised Vida got up and followed.


Sharuna led her to the store room, the pantry.



“See all these”, she said, “he got them for us, I know you haven’t seen them yet”


Vida was astonished.


There were a lot of food items on the floor.


“Woah! How come all these?”, smiles played on her face.


“Well, this is just little of what he’s been doing”, she said.


“That’s very good of him”, by now they were heading back to the dining.


“I will thank him later”, Vida said.





The day shone bright and full.


Cindy and Sissy were sitted in their office doing some work.


A knock came on the door.


They both looked up.


“Come in”, Sissy said.


The door opened and a blonde girl came in.


She greeted the two ladies and walked up to Cindy.


“You sent for me ma’am”, she said.


Cindy sighed.


“Yeah Sasha. I want you to arrange a board dinner meeting today after work at the conference”


“Today?”, Sasha asked surprised.


“Yeah, today”



“But ma’am, you know that’s an inconvenience, and anything inconvenience had been banned in the previous meeting, why not leave it tomorrow?” she said intelligently.


Cindy glared at her with wicked eyes.


“You teaching me my job, do what I say. Don’t forget to inform the CEO and our usual invitees”


“Ok ma’am”, Sasha turned to leave.


“Send the memo as soon as you get to your office”, she called back.


“Okay ma’am”, and she left.


Sissy looked at Cindy and winked.


“Iron lady”, she hailed.


“Yo baby”, she smiled.


“You gat brains”


“I can’t get beaten in my own battle girl”


They laughed.




Sharuna was inside in the sitting room dozing when she heard the sharp blare of a screeching car.


Being a light sleeper, she heard it and got up.


She thought it was Kesmanee.


Outside the building a G-Wagon halted and four armed boys rushed out of it.



Two remained with the car, surveying.


The other two ran into the house.


One holding a picture and a revolver, the other holding only a revolver.


They were all masked.


As soon as the two broke in, they found a girl at the entrance.


“She’s the one, shoot!”, the one with a picture said to the other.


Sharuna heard ‘shoot’.


She got scared and began pleading.


The one with the revolver pointed the gun towards the girl.


Then boom! He was distracted.


He heard the sirene of the police from a distance and one of the boys waiting outside also blared the whistle.


It was a danger signal.


He couldn’t concentrate anymore on his target.


He released two bullets without thinking.






And immediately they ran out into their wagon and zoomed off.


One bullet missed her and the other hit her on the abdomen.


She screamed and went down immediately.


Her world crashed, her head twirled.



She felt her spirit leaving and leaving.


Slowly, slowly, blackness overtook her.


And she passed out. Β©



Ndozi Nuellitta



To Be Continued








Love y’all



Ohhhh!!!! Sharuna









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