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Chapter Five




Cavicha was their destination. It was a classy restaurant visited by people of high caliber.


Their black Cadillac drove in and pulled up at the parking lot.


“Yeah! Here we are”, Kesmanee announced and turned to Sharuna who was looking round, seeing nothing in particular.


“Stay still”, he said to her and came out of the car.


He walked to the other side and opened the door. Then he helped Sharuna out of the car and locked it up.


His right hand on her shoulder, leading her on every step, they walked into the restaurant and got a table.


Still holding onto her, he shoved a chair backwards and helped her sit.


“Here, sit”, he said.


“Thank you”


“You welcome”, he replied and went to sit opposite her.


Soon a waitress approached their table.





Sissy narrowly missed bumping on her CEO and a girl at the entrance of the restaurant.


Thank God she spotted them on time and hid.


Her CEO was so engrossed in leading the girl she presumed was blind. So, he hadn’t seen her.


But hold on. Is this the girl that had been responsible for his cold attitude towards Cindy?


Not just Cindy but every thing putting on skirt?


She sighed.




“That’s really some sort of news for Cindy”, she smirked and walked to her car.




“Hope you are enjoying the food?”, Kesmanee asked.


They were watering their gullets with marshed potato salad, scorched eggs and lemonade.


“Yes, thanks”, she replied smiling.


He took a spoonful of the marshed potato and directed it towards her mouth.


She wasn’t expecting it because she couldn’t see it coming.


“Open your mouth”, he said.




“Open”, she opened and he pushed the spoon into her mouth.


“Thanks”, she laughed.


“So how is mom? I haven’t seen her lately, only talking on phone”, he said.


“Mom is fine. She works at the grocery and never have time for visitors”, she


sipped some lemonade.


Kesmanee nodded.


“I see. She must have been trying”


“A lot”, she agreed.


“But it seems she hasn’t still accepted me fully like you did”, he smiled




Sharuna made a face.


“Who said I did?”


Her words instantly hit him with full force and he felt hurt.


He instantly loosed appetite and dropped his cutleries.


She didn’t know, because she couldn’t see him. She didn’t even realize she has just hurt someone.


“Anyways”, she continued ignorantly, “she’s the reason why I said what I just said.




He sighed.


“She’s behaving like that towards you because she doesn’t trust anyone, not when her own people had betrayed her”, she said. “What do you mean?”, his eyes popped out.


Should she tell him? A total stranger?


But he wasn’t a stranger anymore. Anyways…..


“My uncle, my father’s junior brother is the one responsible for my father’s death”


Kesmanee was stunned.


“Huh?”, he inquired.


“He confiscated the little properties my father possessed and made us poor”, tears were already streaming down her face, “that’s why my mom behaves the way she does, she doesn’t trust anyone”, she dropped her cutleries loosing appetite.


Kesmanee noticed. He felt sorry for her.


He stretched his hands over the table and took her both hands in his.


“I’m sorry for bringing those memories. You have to forget all that, put the past behind. I’m here for you now, okay?”, she nodded.


He brought out a face napkin and cleaned her face.


“Cheer up! I have good news”, he said. Her face lit up.


“Yes, what’s it?”


“For so many years I’ve been searching for someone who means the whole world to me. I’ve finally found her”.


She was just happy for him. She knew she wasn’t the one, how can? A poor blind girl like her.


“Who’s it?”, she asked.


“She’s the lady sitting in front of me right now”, he surprised her.


She was dumbfounded, she couldn’t comprehend anything, her head twirled. What!


“What…….do you….. just say?”


“I love you Sharuna and I mean it”


“Oh my God!”, she placed her hands on her chest, tears flowed. “Are….. are you


serious?”, she stuttered.


“Yeah,I am and you too?”, he asked smiling.


She hesitated. “I love you too”


You could have imagined both happiness. He stood up and embraced her, grinning from ear to ear.


The moment was so tensed, so romantic.


The people around watched in awe.




Cindy got to work the next morning. She parked her car at the parking lot and sauntered out.


She looked classy in her red mini tight fitted gown, black stilettos and a red purse.


She walked so fast to her office. Ignoring greetings and running up the stairs.


She had news for Sissy and really can’t wait to spill it out.



She was really embarrassed at her CEO. How could he? Prefer a poor blind girl over her.


She met Sissy sitted on her chair, her eyes fixed on the PC on her desk as she swivelled.


“Hey Sissy”, she called walking up to her.


She looked up beaming.


“Hey babe, morning”, she greeted.


“Morning you too. I’ve got news for you”, she reeled out.


“I’ve also got news for you”, she gasped. Β©



Ndozi Nuellitta



To Be Continued



Love y’all











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