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Episode 44


By: Faith Lucky.


Jocelyn’s Pov:


I walked down the stairs, laughing on the phone.



I walked into the dining and was carried away by the call and had forgotten to greet mum and dad.


I’ve been on the call for almost an hour.


You’re crazy Rodney” I said with laughter as I took a slice of bread.


What? No, I didn’t mean it.


That’s not possible.


You can tell him if you want to


“Table manners, Jocelyn” mum whispered.


Oh! I have to go, Rodney. I need to grab some table manners.


I told you, it’s not going to be possible. Daddy’s taking me out today.


it’s important. He’s introducing me to some business partners.


I said no!


And why do you want to know?


just give up, Rodney. It’s not going to be possible and that’s it.


Whatever. Bye


And the call ended.


Megan heaved a sigh and I wondered why.


“I wonder if Rodney thinks of anything else” mum said under her breath with a little laughter and I smiled.


“Dad, will Megan be going out with us?” I asked.


“I’m having classes today” she replied immediately, fixing her eyes on her food. “By the way, Megan, were you able to finish up the movie last night? I was so dizzy” I said as I took in some egg sauce. “Well, Angelo died in the end…’






My phone began ringing and interrupted her.


“Excuse me” I said to no one in particular and picked the call. Rodney, I’m eating I said on the phone and he chuckled. Um…just wanted to hear from you. Okay bye he replied and ended the call.


I smiled the I returned the phone on the table.


“Okay Megan. So what happened?” I asked enthusiastically but her face had already become sore.


“Um..can we talk about it later? I need to finish up my meal” she replied vacously,


making me a little surprised.




“By the way, Megan; what’s wrong with you?” Dad asked.


“one of the maids told me you were throwing up this morning. How’re you feeling?”


“Don’t worry about it dad. I’m just a little under the weather. But I’ll be fine” she replied with a light smile.


“Have you taken any medications?” Mum asked.


“Yes. I started yesterday”.


“So, how’re you feeling now?”


“I…I just feel a little feverish. But I’ll be fine”.




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I was with dad the whole morning through the afternoon. We were at the company where dad had a very important board meeting and there he had introduced me to them.


Then, he filled me in with the activities of the company and some important clients in the system. He deemed all these introduction necessary since i was the heir to the company.


We were still having a meeting when my phone rang and I excused myself to pick the call.


It was Rodney.


“Hello?”I said lowly on the phone as I stood at the extreme of the office. Does he ever get tired?


He didn’t say anything and I called his name.


“Jo…Jo…Jocelyn; I…I ne…ed help” he shivered on the phone and I panicked. “Rodney? Rodney where are you? What’s wrong with you?” I asked in bewilderment.


“I’m…I’m at home – my personal house. I…I can’t feel my legs. My…body’s so cold.


I…I feel like giving up”.


I had gotten more than I could take.


“Hold on, Rodney. I’ll be there in a few minutes”.


“Hu…Hurry Jocelyn”.


And I ended the call.


My heart was racing fast. What if something bad happens to him? I needed to be there right away.


I walked back to the table where dad was seated with the other members of the board and with the look on my face, he could tell there was a problem. “Um…dad” I called and paused, thinking of what to say.



“I…I need to check up on something very important, but I’ll be back…as soon as possible” I added nervously, hoping I was convincing enough.


“What is it, Jocelyn?” He asked inquisitively and I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t tell him I was going to see Rodney and also couldn’t think of any satisfactory reason that’d warrant me to leave such an important moment. “Alright; alright. Just go” he said and that was a big relive to me.


I smiled happily.


“Thank you dad. Thanks” I said as I took my bag and scuttled away from the








I ordered my driver to leave after dropping me off at Rodney’s residence and without wasting any time, I hurried in to see him. I was still worried.


I ran past the sitting room into the bedroom and there I found him lying on the bed; covered with a blanket.


“Rodney” I called unfeigned as I ran to the bed and sat on the edge, facing him.


“Jocelyn” he called in a weak voice and held my hand.


“What is wrong with you?” I asked as I touched some parts of his body.


His temperature seemed normal.


“How’re you feeling Rodney?”


“I uhm…I…feel very cold and dizzy and exhausted. My body aches a lot and…my eyes are very hot as well. I…I feel very hot inside and feel like diving into the pool” he replied with little cracks in his voice and I flinched.


“I thought you said you were feeling cold? How come you’re thinking of diving into the pool?” I asked.


“Yes, yes! I feel very cold outside but I feel hot inside. I need your help, Jocelyn.


Please, hold me” he said and placed my hand on his shoulders.


I stared at him for a while and withdrew my hands.


“Rodney, do you realise I was in an important meeting with my dad?” I! asked and he closed one of his eyes, leaving the other open.


“Huh?” He asked pretentiously and I hit him with a pillow.


“How dare you lie to me, huh? How dare you?” I asked and continued hitting him with the pillow.


“Jocelyn, you’re making my condition worst. Jocelyn. Doctor….Help. ..nurse”


Then, he also picked up a pillow and threw it at me and I hit him on the head.


“Ouch” he grouch and laid back on the bed and I went ahead to hit him again.



“You’re so annoying Rodney. I really thought something was wrong with you” I said


“Well, you didn’t let me explain. I mean, I was really feeling cold a while ago. But when you came, the cold vanished and I started feeling hot”. I glared at him and turned to back him.


“Well, fine! You’re here now and that’s the important part” he said and wrapped his hand around my shoulder.


“You should have just told me you were looking for a way to bring me here. I should have known it was one of your little tricks since you’ve been persuading me to come over since morning” I replied and he chuckled.


“Well, miss, I think I’m a bit hungry. Why don’t you prepare something for us to eat?” He asked as he laid back on the bed.


“Me? Have you forgotten you told me I wasn’t a good cook?” I asked. “Who? Me? Am I crazy? Who cooks better than you?” TBC










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