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Chapter Forty Four


⭕ Semi Final ⭕













HER jaw dropped, and she struggled to find her voice A lotta things were going through her head



She was speechless and lost for words



“What did you say?”, she managed to ask



“Marry me”, he repeated quietly, and he knew and saw the things going through her



She exhaled and tried to pinch herself, when she realized he was still holding her left hand



“You can’t be serious”, she said



“I am, damn serious”, he said softly







Ohh Jesus, she wasn’t expecting this at all



She was speechless, she didn’t know what exactly to say She sighed



“You should know I can’t accept “no”, for an answer”, he cut into her thoughts



She raised her head and looked into his eyes


She was damn stopping the tears welling in her eyes from falling



Dr Sujit looked into her eyes, still holding her hands and smiling “Do you?”, he asked



She bent her head to face the floor and nodded



“Yes”, she said with a start



He smiled


“Yes, you will or yes, you won’t?”, he asked



“Yes, I will”, she nodded, and the tears flowed down freely



He laughed and brushed his lips on her cheek



“Come here”, and he carried her into the bedroom











Sharuna looked at the wall clock hung on the wall, and dashed into the bathroom



It was a day set aside for some sweet work, and she needed to get it done



Her marriage was just two days away The thought of it alone, made her squeal



She rushed her bath and went into the room to see her breakfast on the bedside table


Yes, she had asked Prisha to bring it to her room, she wanted to rush it



Soon, she was done


She carried her woven basket, filled with her marriage invitation cards, and carried the plates with which she ate, to the kitchen



Then she walked to the sitting room, Kesmanee was standing by the window, he was on phone



He turned to see her and waved smiling


Then he got off the phone and walked up to her



“Hi”, he kissed her cheek


“You off to school?”, he asked



She scoffed


“School? Nah, I’m off to somewhere else”, she said






“Must ya know?”


He laughed


“Well, yes. For safety reasons”



She shrugged


“To anywhere then, see ya”, and she walked to the door



“I’m going to work soon, just wait let me drop you off”, he said



She turned to him and shook her head


“I will trek. Where I can’t, then I’ll board a cab”, she winked “Take care”, and she left



She was determined to go share her marriage invitation, it was just two days away





She couldn’t wait



She had planned to trek, and where she couldn’t, she would take a cab



She walked down to the road


Now, where she gonna start from?


Where should she go first?





The company, yeah. Kesmanee’s company first



It was a far from where she stood


She realized she was gonna use a cab


She walked a little further and hailed down a taxi




It pulled up, and she boarded



There was only a passenger inside, and before she could get to her destination, the passenger alighted



“Here”, the cab driver announced and turned to her



“Okay”, she beamed as she dipped her hand into her bag for the t-fare



“Thank you”, the driver said and collected the money



“Oh!”, she exclaimed as she was about to open the door



“What?”, he asked



She put her hand into her basket and brought out a card, then extended it towards him



“Here”, she said smiling, “inviting you to my marriage, the day after tomorrow, at the Sujit’s mansion”, she said



The cab driver beamed as he took the card “Thank you”



“I’m expecting to see ya”, and she left the cab



She got down and walked into the building


Who knows?


Kesmanee might have arrived



She glanced at the parking lot and his car was there Meaning, he has already arrived




She smiled and entered the building




Oops, she wished she hadn’t, because all eyes seemed to be on all at the instant she entered



Seemed they were holding a meeting, because they sat round the table and Kesmanee sat at the middle



The meeting was immediately interrupted She walked to them



Kesmanee was stunned to see her, she didn’t said she would be coming



“Hi”, she said as she walked up to them “Sorry for interrupting”



“No problem ma’am, no … problem”, they said and she smiled


They already knew who she was



“Well, I….. I came just for something simple”, she opened her basket and


began bringing out the cards



“I’m inviting you all for my marriage the day after tomorrow”, she turned to see Kesmanee staring at her, with his mouth widely opened



She winked at him and started going round the table, dropping a card at each person’s front



What was going on?


Sharing marriage cards at the middle of a meeting?



Oh my God!


It was funny




The people never minded either, they surprisengly accepted the offer and was checking out the cards immediately she dropped





They couldn’t believe their eyes, it was the CEO!


And come to think of it, he never bothered to invite them



Kesmanee sat still, waiting for his wonder lady to finish with whatever she was doing so he could continue with the meeting



After she had gone round and distributed some cards, she walked up to him





What was she coming to do now?


Probably not to invite him too, nah. How could she?


He stayed still and waited for her to come close



She came to him and stopped


Then she dipped her hand into her basket and brought out a card



Then she placed it on the desk in front of him Huh



He looked at her inquiringly and surprised



“I’m also inviting you”, she said and winked “Take care”, and she walked to the door



“Thanks for your time everyone, I will be expecting all ya”, she said and left


Kesmanee couldn’t believe it


I mean, he was the groom, so why inviting him too?



This girl must be insane


He shrugged and shoved the card aside and then, the meeting continued



Sharuna walked to the road


Mission one accomplished, now where next?



Okay, her school


The institution



She trekked for a while, not because of anything, but because she wanted to



Then it got to a point where her legs began aching her, and she decided to


flag down a cab






The cab got to Kesley Arts, Crafts and Painting Institution



She got down, but not after giving the cab driver a card



She went into the building and straight to her department Teaching was going on



She knocked on the door and the teacher opened



“Sharuna”, she beamed, “how are you?”



“I m fine ma’am. Good morning”


“Morning. Why didn’t we see you today?”



“That was what brought me now, please can I come in?”



“Sure”, she said and moved aside and Sharuna entered



As soon as the students saw her, they shouted and cheered



She was shocked


Wait, have they known already?


She shrugged



“Well ma’am, I officially came to invite my people of my marriage, two days away”



“We know……we know”, they said chanting





Who told them?



News flies anyway


“I have something for you guys”, she said and started going round the desks, placing a card on each desk



“Wow!”, a student screamed



Congrats, congrats were just pouring on her like rain



Then she gave to her teacher


“I’m expecting to see you all”




“We will”, they shouted



“Ma’am, I will be going now, thanks for the time”



The teacher smiled


“No problem, congrats once again”



“Thank you”, and she left



She headed straight to Mr Bennett’s office She knocked and entered



“Mr Bennett?”, she called



“Sharuna”, his face beamed, “daughter in law”, he said and she laughed



“Well Mr Bennett, I’m inviting you for my marriage”, she placed a card on his desk



Mr Bennett looked puzzled


“Pardon? Invite me you say?”



She nodded


“Yeah, two days from now at ……”



“Wait….wait….wait”, he interrupted, “I mean, I’m one of the master planners


of this marriage you know?”



She laughed and nodded


“I know, I’m just so happy, that’s why I’m inviting you”



“Hmm, you act weird sometimes”


She laughed


“Take care papa”, and she left



When she was out to the road, she crossed to the other side and straight to the provision store, her succour to hiding from Priceley



This thinking made her laugh



Fortunately, Mother Hubbard, the store keeper was around



“Mother Hubbard?”, Sharuna called as she walked to her



The old woman got up from her stool, and tried to recollect who the lady was



“It’s me Sharuna”, she explained


She didn’t blame her, it’s been long since she came here



“Ohh”, the old lady exclaimed, “ohh my daughter. Is this you?”, and they embraced



“Yes Mother Hubbard”



“How have you been?”



“Fine and you?”



“Okay”, she placed her specks well on her eyes



“Well, Mother, I came to invite you for my marriage ceremony. Taking place at the Sujit’s mansion, the day after tomorrow”, she rushed her words as she gave her a card



“Are you serious?”, the lady asked, surprised as she received the card



Sharuna nodded, smiling


“Yes Mother”



“Oh dear, congratulations to you”, she hugged her



“Thank you. I will be expecting you, bye”, and she turned



“Take care”, her voice was weak and frail





What a day



She boarded a cab and straight to the boutique



The taxi pulled up and she alighted and walked into the boutique



They were about two customers around



“Sharuna”, Henrietta called happily



“Aunt Henrietta”, and they hugged



“How are you?”



“I’m fine. Well, I’m inviting ya”, she dipped her hand into her basket and gave her a card


“My marriage ceremony, next tomorrow”



“Wow, you don’t mean it”, Henrietta said



“I mean everything about it”, she laughed


Then she gave the customers around some cards, also inviting them



“Inviting ya….. expecting ya all”, she said



She walked to the dressing compartment, her mom was there as usual



“Mother?”, she called and ran to embrace her



“Oh my! Dora”, she called



“Yes mummy. I’m inviting you”, she gave her a card



Vida laughed


“Silly girl”, she shrugged and took the card


“You are inviting your mother, someone who already knew before you?”



They laughed



“Well mother, I guess it’s because I’m so happy”



“I thank God for that. Well, your father proposed to me”



“What! Dr Sujit?”, she asked in disbelief



Vida nodded smiling





“And what did you say?”



Vida looked at her sheepishly


“What do you expect me to say?”, she laughed



“Well, I said yes”.



Ndozi Nuellitta



To Be Continued



Imagine, inviting your fiance for your marriage, madness



Where are the marriage planners bikonu?????



I’m providing the plane shuttling us to India, don’t bother yaselves about that



Love y’all













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