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oh no what is wrong with me, why can’t i just keep quiet when i hear anything related to rap, this is not good, i am gonna get Fired


‘waw, waw, waw’ Nam-il said while clapping his hands


‘looks like this girl got some talent’ jae woo said


‘what your name miss’ kyung wan asked



‘jina’ i said, ‘my name is Lee jina’ i added ‘waw jina you are so talented am kyung wan’


‘no need to introduce yourself, i know you guys’ i said..



Wait i shouldn’t have said that …


‘so you know us’ kyung seo asked


‘are you kidding me every living person in korea knows you’ i answered Shut up jina, shut up, you are gonna get fired ‘so you a big fan?’ kyung soek said


‘well you guys are like korea number one hottie, every girl loves you guys’


I tried my best to make it sound like it was no big deal so i won’t get fired. Hopefully


‘ummm okay’ kyung seok said


‘you are really talented dear,’ kyung wan said as he patted my right shoulder


‘ever think of Gettin into EFX musical school, talents like yours are really needed’ jea woo said


‘yea’ kyung seok said


What bothers me the must is Jin-Hyuk oppa has been staring at me for awhile now with no expression on his face


‘well mr kang said i will be auditioned tomorrow’ i said



‘really’ Jin-Hyuk said to me, this is the first time he is talking to me, after saying that word he just walked away and went to his room


‘that was strange’ i said


‘just ignore him, that just how he is so grumpy’ Nam-il said


‘ummmmm, well sir, can i please go home now’ i asked


‘you going home? Aren’t you suppose to stay here’ Mansoo asked


‘stay here?’


‘yes’ Nam-il replied


‘but why’


‘you the maid right, you should stay here. Look we have your room over there’ Jae woo said pointing at a room


‘so i am suppose to be living here’ i asked


‘yea, you are our only helper here, so you should stay here’ kyung wan replied


‘but sir, you see the problem is i did not even prepare for this, i mean can i please go home today and i will be back very early tomorrow morning’ i pleaded


‘well you can go but please come back tomorrow morning’ kyung wan said


‘okay sir’ i said


Okay this is great for two reasons, number one i get to see them everyday when i wake up, number two the landlord was gonna send me out of his building anyway i have no money to pay for a rent which is one of the reason i needed that job so badly



So i went back home that night and woke up very early the second day ready for two things, my audition and you know my work


But i have to go for my auditions first, it is very important


So i decided to look like a real rapper, but on a crazy jeans, black top, white and black sneakers, white cap and red and black shirt tied around my waist


So i went to EFX school, a lot of students came here for audition and i gat to admit they are very talented i don’t think i stand a chance


Well i turned to my left and saw a girl crying, men she must be like 6 thousands pounds, i mean how can someone be so fat


I really wanted to know why she was crying so i walked up to her


‘hello’ i said while waving my hands


‘hey’ she said wiping her tears with a tissue


‘What wrong, why you crying’ i asked as i sat down next to her


She must be 22 years old, am a year older but she is Damn big i mean so big.


‘well you see, i really want to be a model but my stepmom is forcing me to be a singer’ she said


Model, why will she ever think of being a model Well she can be a model of she loses like 500 pounds


‘well don’t you like singing’ i do but i gat stage fright


‘how about we audition together, i will hold your hand and then we audition together, you won’t even think of your stage fright’ i said


‘that sounds like a great idea’ she said with a big smile on her face


‘yea, so tell me what your name?’ i asked



‘fatty’ she replied


‘fatty? ‘ i asked with a puzzled look


‘yes fatty, that what everyone calls me’ she said smiling


How can someone have such horrible name and be happy about it.


It wierd


No it not that wierd


That name suits her perfectly, looking at her am sure she weighs about 600 pounds She wants to be a model


Forget actual model she can’t even be an oversized model with all this fats


But i like her, she is so nice and her face is kinda cute


The fats just makes her look pretty


‘okay fatty, my name is jina nice to meet you’ i said stretching out my hand for a handshake


‘nice to meet you to’ she said while giving me a handshake ‘so fatty am a rapper’ i said


‘well judging from your dressing, i can see you are, you pick a song for us’ she said ‘well what about bed of lies, do you know that song?’ i asked her ‘ofcas i do’ she said


‘well let go for bed of lies, you sing, i rap’ i said





So everyone of us picked a number


Some of the girls went in for audition and they came out screaming and blushing


I guess they passed their audition


So it was finally time for me and fatty


We entered into the audition room and then i realised why those girls where screaming not because they passed their audition but because k-pop is here


Fatty was already melting, i know how it feels, i mean standing in front of this legends am sure it not easy for her standing in front of them


‘Hello jina’ Cute Nam-il said while waving his hand


‘hello’ i answered


‘they know you’ fatty asked


‘yea’ i answered


‘but how’ she asked


‘trust me it a long story’ i replied


‘i don’t know EFX is going to be our judges, am so scared i don’t think i can do this’ she said looking nervous


I sure hope fatty doesn’t mess things up..


‘don’t worry fatty, you can do this’ i said as i held her hand


‘you have 2mins’ Mansoo said


I was still busy looking at jin-Hyuk who hasn’t utter a word.


He was just staring at me like he always do



‘come on jina let do this’ fatty said


‘okay, start’ i said


Bed of lies beat was played for us and fatty started


O. M. G this girl had the voice of an angel


Her stepmother was right in forcing her to come to this school


This is where she is meant to be. Not some modelling garbage she wanna be Am sure her voice must have melted EFX heart ♥ too




do you ever think of me when you lie


Kie down in your bed


Your bed od lies


I knew better than to look in your eyes


They only pretend


you will be mine ….




You could never make eye contact


You could never make eye contact


Everything you got was based off of my contacts


You a fraud, but I’mma remain icon-stat


Balenciagas on my boots with the python strap


You was caught up in the rush, and you was caught up in the thrill of it You was with me way before I hit a quarter mill’ in it


Put you in the crib and you ain’t never pay a bill in it


I was killin’ it, man, you got me poppin’ pills in it


I told Baby hit you, I said this nigga buggin’


‘Cause I was doing it for us, I told ’em f**k the public Couldn’t believe that I was home alone, contemplating Overdosin’, no more coastin’, no more toastin’ over oceans



Immediately we finished our little performance, the EFX clapped except the character twin


Mansoo and Jin-Hyuk


‘waw great job’ Nam-il said.


‘i do not agree’ Jin-Hyuk said


‘what’ kyung said looking confused


‘prove yourselves by performing on stage’ Jin-Hyuk said ‘preforming on stage’ fatty said looking nervous..


‘and you girl’ he said while pointing at me ‘you will have to rap and sing’ he added


Sing, but i can’t sing at all.. But I definitely can’t tell him that ‘if you can do this, then welcome to the school’ Jin-Hyuk said..


For some reason i feel like he is doing this on purpose to pick on me But why will he wanna, am sure he doesn’t even think i exist


But how will i tell him that i sound like a whale giving birth to an even bigger whale when singing


‘and you have just three days to prepare’ Mansoo said…


Three days, how will fatty and i prepare this in just three days, I am so dead..


I can’t even sing


This is the end..



Am never Gettin into EFX MUSICAL SCHOOL


Screw it.










(Join Group)












On God



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