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Chapter Forty













VIDA rushed through the orders that has just been booked



She wasn’t supposed to be at the boutique that morning, she was supposed to go see Sharuna as promised


She had to forfeit going to see her for the moment, so she could carry out the orders before the buyers arrive



It was Saturday morning, and she was hired to provide gowns for the bridal train for the wedding that Saturday morning



It was an urgent order, hence the rush



Soon, she was done


She packed the clothes neatly into a bag and kept it on the counter



“Hey Henrietta”, she called



“Yes Vida”



“I’ve arranged the order, so once they come, give it to them. They’ve paid for it”







“I will be going to see my daughter now. Take care of the shop”



“As always, bye”



“Yeah”, and she left the shop, walked down to the road and boarded a cab,


straight to Mr Bennett’s








Vida got to the mansion and walked straight to the building



That wasn’t her first time there, so she was kinda familiar with the house and the people living there



She rang the doorbell and a maid answered it



She entered and walked through the sitting room, taking the stairs to Sharuna’s room



It looked like no one was at home, the house was quiet



She walked to her room and knocked on the door



“Come in”, her voice motioned



The door opened and Vida entered



Sharuna was sitting on the bed, going through a magazine



“Hey Mom”, she screamed in joy and stood up to embrace her mother


“Dora? My dora”, she smiled and they both embraced



“Welcome mummy. What do you care for?”, she asked



Vida laughed


“Am I a stranger?”, she asked



“But you are a visitor?”



“Neither am I”, she sat on the bed



“If you say so then”, she shrugged and sat down beside her “So mom, what’s the way forward? Any progress?”, she asked



Vida shook her head


“I’ve tried my best daughter, to make them see reasons with me. But Dr Sujit had said we shouldn’t let Priceley know of it”



Sharuna frowned





“He said when it all happened, it was in the past, that Priceley wasn’t there. Moreover, that might cause trouble between them and they’re best friends”



“And then make a mistake that would maim us for the rest of our lives?”



Vida shook her head


“I tried telling them”



“That’s rubbish. Absolutely rubbish, if they don’t do something then I will. I will take action”, she suddenly became angry and stood up, heading towards the door



“Take it easy dora. Where are you off to?”, she asked



“Don’t bother mom. But just know that if they refuse to do something, then I will”, and she stormed out of the room



She was still angry. What do they mean by that?


Are they the ones to tell her what to do?



Damn it. She must do something if they don’t



She angrily walked down the stairs and went outside



Then she started walking towards the garden, she stopped when she saw what she was looking for



It was Kesmanee


He was standing by the terrace



She walked up to him and fell on him instantly, crying



He was surprised and he held onto her



“It’s you I want……. I want you”, she cried



Kesmanee was stabbed in the heart, he sobbed quietly



“I’m sorry Sharuna, but it seemed we weren’t meant for each other. I’m sorry”



She cried the more, as she buried her head on his chest


“I love you Kesmanee, please let’s fight this we can”



He sighed


“Look Runa, when it all happened Priceley wasn’t there. It’s our past and we shouldn’t bring him into it okay? I love you too but…….it just seems not to be working”



She cried the more


“Let’s fight harder, we can”



He was speechless and lost for words



Suddenly Priceley came along and saw them both in an embrace



He became angry and he fumed



He walked towards them and drag Sharuna from his hold



“I can’t take this anymore…… I can’t. What’s going on?”, he demanded





“Kesmanee? This is my fiancee, and we gonna be wedded by tomorrow. So what’s all this?”, he shouted



“Calm down Priceley, I’m not eating her up. She’s still yours”, he said



Sharuna looked at him and tears ran down her face



Priceley looked at him in fury, and then walked away, taking Sharuna along with him




She turned back intermittently to look at him, she was heartbroken








The D-Day for the marriage finally arrived



It was carried out in a hall at the Bennett’s mansion



Soon people began arriving, friends, family, business associates and the rest of them



The hall was really filled with people



Soon, the marriage kicked off, in a typical Indian culture



All the marriage rites were carried out successfully



Then it was time for the bride to give a drink to the groom



She was scared all along



She received the glass cup of the drink with shaky hands and walked towards Priceley


One eye on Kesmanee, the other on Priceley



She was visibly shaken



She got to Priceley and knelt down in front of him



Ohh God help her


She couldn’t do this, she just couldn’t



Suddenly, the glass cup slipped from her hands and shattered on the tiled floor


The drink spilled



She stood up in a haste and ran to Kesmanee, held him in an embrace and cried



Anger filled Priceley and he suddenly became violent



He slipped out a revolver from ‘God knows where’ and pointed it towards them



He sprung into action without thinking



Before anyone could stop him, he released a bullet



The bullet missed Sharuna and landed on Kesmanee’s right arm



“Priceley yyyyyyyyyy”, he shouted and went down



And soon, pandemonium filled the hall.



Ndozi Nuellitta



To Be Continued



Sharuna really meant to do something, infact they all meant business, all of them



Love y’all








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