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Chapter Forty Two









KESMANEE looked at his gold carat wristwatch and sighed



He was standing beside his Cadillac CTS in the parking lot and looking all handsome in his Indian regalia



Where was she?


He was becoming impatient now



He looked up, and there she was coming towards him in her full bloom of beauty



He smiled


That was his lady


Yes, his lady



Sharuna walked smartly towards the parking lot, swaying her waist side to side



She looked sweet in sari



She saw Kesmanee staring at her and she instantly became shy, her cheeks flushed in bashfulness



She decided to run


She held up her gown so as not to let her fall, and she ran towards him



He stood still smiling and watching her coming towards him, and then he opened his arms and she ran into them



She felt her feet raised up from the floor, it dawned on her that she was carried



She laughed and they looked into each other’s eyes


“My baby”, Kesmanee said



“Drop me down”, she demanded softly



“You wish”, he laughed



“I love you”, she said



“I love you too”, he kissed her and dropped her down



Then he made to open the car door for her



“Thank you”, she said as she entered the car



“It’s my pleasure, my queen”, he replied and walked to the driver’s side, and he entered



“You look beautiful”, he said softly, smoothing her hair



She smiled


“Thank you”



“So, where do you suggest we go?”



“The City Park”






She sighed


“Because it’s quiet and peaceful”



He laughed


“You think so?”



“Yeah”, she nodded



“Okay then”, he helped her with the seat belt



“Come on, I can do that myself”, she complained



“That’s when I’m not there”, he put his seat belt on



He revved the car and they zoomed off










They got to the City Park in matter of minutes, and true to Sharuna’s words, it was quiet



Just few people here and there



Kesmanee negotiated a bend towards a corner and parked the car



She tried opening the door and he stopped her



“Don’t, let me do it”, and he came down from the car



She laughed and shrugged



He walked to the other side of the car, and opened the door for her



“Where we gonna go now?”, Kesmanee asked and looked around


At that instant, Sharuna broke into a run



“Towards the woods, come on”, she said to him



He smiled


“Race ya first”, he shouted and ran after her





She was fast



She ran to the woods, and began running from tree to tree



Kesmanee tried to catch up with her, he followed her wherever she ran to



They were laughing, the game was interesting



“You mean to tell me that you can’t catch me Kesmanee?”, she asked



He was panting


“I can’t ok. I give up”, she laughed



“You are too dull for my liking”, she said and stood behind a tree, stroking the leaves



“Okay yeah, I own up to that”, he said, and began walking quietly and stealthily towards her



Sharuna was carried away and wasn’t aware someone was coming behind her



“Caught you”, he held her from behind and laughed


“Oh my God! You scared me”, she said



“So, I’m not dull as you think”



They laughed



“Come on”, he said and turned her to face him



His right hand on her waist, and his left, smoothing her hair She held his shoulders



They looked into their eyes



“Eyes”, he said softly, “eyes of love”, he continued, “eyes that hypnotized and scare the hauling shit outta someone, that plays the most sweetest music ever heard”



She smiled



“Thank you”



He pecked her forehead


“You are the sweetest thing that ever happened to me, and I will forever be grateful to you, my princess”



She smiled


“I m speechless, thank you”



He brought his head down and their lips met, their tongues rolled against each other in ecstasy.




“I love you”, he said



“I love you too”



They disengaged from the hold


“Let’s go find somewhere and sit”, he intoned



She nodded


“Okay”, and hands in hands, they walked out of the woods



Just by the entrance,they found a park bench and sat



“You hungry? Let me go get some eatables from the car”, he asked



She shook her head


“Not yet, I’m okay for now”



He shrugged


“If you say so”



She took his hands and played with it



“Why did you leave me that day? You said you were going to the Mart and like that, you left me”, she said



Her voice was emotional and breaking, like she wanted to cry



He looked at her


“I’m sorry, it wasn’t my fault. I’m sorry I left that way”



“I wasn’t myself since that day you vanished, I spent practically every minute of the day crying. It really broke my heart”


He cupped her chin with his hands



“It’s okay. I’m here for you now”



She nodded


“Don’t leave me again”



He smiled


“I won’t. You are my life”, he held her hand and kissed it, “my everything. I won’t gonna leave you…… again”



She rested her head on his shoulders



Then his phone rang, he rummaged his trouser pocket for it



He looked into the phone, ‘Priceley’, it read



He smiled and picked it up







“Hey bro”, Priceley talked into the phone



“Hi Priceley, what’s up with you?”



“I’m cool bro, cool. Well, I just got an information which I think you would want to hear”, he laughed at his joke



“Shoot then, if you think I would like to hear it”



“Okay. I just got a call, from the CID. Says if you would like to see the damn person or persons who had you in coma, you are free”



Kesmanee smiled


“Why not? I will”



“They’re presently in jail now, serving jail terms. So when you ready?”



“I don’t know for now. But we gonna go together”



“Sure thing. Whenever you’re ready then”



“Thank you man. You done much”



“My pleasure. Take care”



“You too”, and the call ended





The people that had him in coma for months.


Why wouldn’t he wants to see them, and ask them how he offended them


He must go






Vida sat outside her house doing some washing



She was a little ill and so, wouldn’t be able to make it to the boutique



She had informed Henrietta and had asked her to take care of the day’s business



A Cadillac Escalade screeched to a halt in front of her


Who was that?



The car opened and Dr Sujit sauntered out, he locked up the car and walked towards her



Goodness gracious!


What’s he doing here?


How did he know she was home?



She looked at herself


Jeeze! She was putting on just undies, she wasn’t expecting any visitor



“Vida”, Dr Sujit called as he got to her



“Good afternoon doctor. Why you here?”, she asked



“Is that the welcome question?”, he laughed “Well, I came to see you”



She scoffed


See her? For what?



“Henrietta said you aren’t feeling too well”, she nodded “And here you are, washing. And you are sick”



She looked puzzled


“Anything wrong with that doc?”, she licked her lips



He shook his head


“Everything is wrong with it. Now, I want you to leave that now, and get some rest”




Did he just command her?



“You…… commanding me?”, she asked



“Whatever you wish to call it. Now up, or I will carry you”



She laughed


Come and carry her please



“Ok, I’m out”, she stood up


“But who would do the washing?”



“I will”






“Go in”, and he brought out his phone and dialed a contact



The person picked



“Hey boy, this is Dr Sujit. Come down to Park Avenue, there’s work for you……..yeah, now……. I will”, and the call ended



Vida stood watching him in awe


She had forgotten she wasn’t properly dressed



Dr Sujit finished from the phone and the first thing his eyes caught, was her, dressed in just undies



Vida noticed and made to go inside, and then, he realized himself


“I just called the laundry guy, he’s coming to take the clothes”



She stopped in her tracks


“Oh thanks”, and she went inside



Dr Sujit followed



Vida got inside and walked to the sofa to take her jacket she had left there, to put it on



Dr Sujit stopped her


“Don’t, you are beautiful in just the undies”






“Yes”, he smiled and sat down


She shrugged



“You eaten?”, he asked









“Bread and tea”



He simpered


“Just that? And you are sick”



Her face was puzzled


“Anything wrong?”



“Everything wrong. Let me prepare something”, he got up and took off his jacket



“What!”, she flinched



“Sit here and wait”, and he walked into the kitchen



Vida flopped herself on the sofa and sighed



Prepare food? For her?


She smiled



Soon, the aroma of his cooking filled everywhere



She got up and walked to the kitchen, he was bringing out plates



“You done?”, she asked



“I asked you to stay there and wait”



She smiled


“Sorry, I was tempted to come over”



“Yeah, I’m done”



Then they set the table together and began to eat



Omelette and eggs with noodles



“Hmm”, Vida licked her lips


“You are a good cook”, she complimented


He smiled


“Thank you. So Vida, how old are you?”, he startled her



She looked at him and scoffed





He shook his head slightly


“Mere looking at you, one would know you are still in your prime, so I won’t be surprise even if you say 38”



She laughed



“Well, you are right. I’m actually 48”



He shrugged


“I had the feeling”



“I had Sharuna at a very tender age. I was eighteen when I married her father”, she explained



“You still look younger than 48”



She laughed


“What happened to your marriage that you divorced?”



“Well……. I, I caught my ex-wife cheating on me. That was back then at


Delhi. I didn’t know she was barren, she couldn’t produce children and so, she went ahead and sleeping around, thinking I was the one who is impotent. She cheated on me and so, I filed for a divorce”



“Hmm”, she sighed


“Sad story”




Then, they were done and Vida cleared up the table and took the plates into the kitchen



She stood over the refrigerator, arranging the fruits after taking one, when she felt a hand on her tummy



She cringed


Gosh! The touch was a sensation


She closed her eyes



“I love you Vida”, the owner of the hands said





She gasped.



Ndozi Nuellitta



To Be Continued



Love y’all














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