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Chapter Thirty




SHARUNA slowly walked away, then she turned back only to see the guy that had been staring at her by the pool, trailing her




What the hell!



She instantly increased her pace, the guy did same



Okay now, what does he want?



She needed to escape him



So, she saw some group of girls by a spot and she rushed in to mix with them



Thank God, it worked



From her hiding vintage, she saw him; ‘clumsy guy’, stopped and looked round like trying to look out for her



After standing that way for some seconds, some young girls ran up to him, pouring him water and flowers, and cheering






But then it dawned on her, he must be the celebrant



She took a last look at him, and when she found at his attention had been taken away by the girls, she walked out, to a more peaceful serene.



Meanwhile, ‘Clumsy guy’ hadn’t given up the search for the beauty he just saw, few minutes ago



No, he can’t give up


He continued searching for her



After the girls cheering him up had all gone, he walked down to where he last saw her entered



He looked round, but she was no where to be seen



With regrets, he abruptly turned to go back, when the corner of his eyes caught someone, sitting on the deck chair by the fountain



He decided to go check out






Sharuna found a deck chair by the fountain still in the compound, and thank goodness, the environment was peaceful



Exactly what she wanted



She flopped herself down on the chair and took out her headphone from her bag



Then she connected it to her phone, placed it on her ears and sat back comfortably to listen to cool music



After that, she took out her specks and put it on as she closed her eyes



Someone’s footsteps on the interlocked floor made her open her eyes



Who could that be again?


In the secluded corner she had gotten for herself



She groaned and looked up to see ‘Clumsy guy’ smiling at her





“Hey”, he said shortly waving at her



She looked him over, head to toe and said nothing



“Hi”, ‘Clumsy guy’ said, “you….. been looking for you”, he said happily



Now, she was hot angry



“What do you want!”, she snapped



He was laughing, just like the fool he is



“Woah! You got sweet voice bar”, he complimented



“Sweet voice? Is that what you want?”, and before he knew it, she picked up her bag and walked away



‘Clumsy guy’ stood in shock as he watched her leave



Then he realized his senses and ran after her



“Hey….. please stop. Please”, he shouted



But it was too late, she had already hidden again



He sighed and walked back dejectedly to his friends



As the party ended, and everyone going towards their cars to leave for home, he saw her again


He had nicknamed her ‘Snoby’



He saw ‘Snoby’ again, but this time, he saw her with Dr Sujit



“Woah!”, he exclaimed to himself, “so Dr Sujit has such a beautiful daughter, and I don’t even know”, he paused “Well, she’s mine already”, he smirked








Sharuna got home tired and unhappy



Who was that guy??


He might be the celebrant



The way those girls were pouring water and flowers in him already said it



She sighed



Then her face brightened up, she recalled she hadn’t yet told Dr Sujit about Kes



She had to do that


Yes, he might help out



Oh God, please bring him back


She prayed






Sharuna yawned as she got up from bed


She remembered something



The Arts Crafts and Painting institution Ohh God



Why all these


She frowned



She reluctantly dragged herself to the shower and freshened up



Then she went to the dining for breakfast



She met Dr Sujit already at table and all dressed



“Good morning Dad”, she greeted and took her seat opposite him, dishing out food for herself



Dr Sujit looked at her and nodded


“Morning, how was night?”, he sipped some tea



“Fine and yours?”



“Okay. I hope you remember…..”, Sharuna interrupted



“Oh yes dad. I do”



He shrugged


“Okay. I will drop you off, before going to the hospital”



She nodded, smearing her bread with jam “Okay”



Soon they were done, and Dr Sujit as he had said, first drove Sharuna to the institution before going to the hospital, where he worked



“Here we are”, he announced as he screeched to a halt at the front of a big three storey building



On the very top was bodly written in upper case letters; KESLEY ARTS, CRAFTS AND PAINTING INSTITUTION





“The name sounds somehow”, Sharuna said looking at the building



“Kesley?”, Dr Sujit said and laughed, “well, the owner named it after his sons. He was the one who hosted the birthday party of his son yesterday, one of them”, he explained



She shrugged


“Well, am I going in there alone?”, she asked



“Of course. I’ve done all the necessary things, just take the stairs. I think your department should be on the first floor”, he explained



“Okay”, she nodded and came down from the car



“I will come pick you up when you close. Take care”, he said



She smiled


“Okay dad. Bye”, she waved as the car zoomed away



Then she turned to take another look at the building




Then she started walking towards it






‘Clumsy guy’ finished his morning training at the tennis court behind his father’s arts institution



Then he realized it was time to go and start the work for the day



He walked towards the front of the building, drinking some water from his water can and drying sweat from his face with his face napkin



Then he suddenly stopped



He couldn’t believe his eyes, infact he used his face napkin to clean them should in case they were playing tricks on him



But no, they’re saying the reality



Right in front of him was ‘Snoby’, the girl he had met at his birthday party, yesterday



Oh my God


You could have imagined his happiness at the moment



He walked up to her


“Hey”, he smiled, “you again? Oh my God, I can’t believe it”



Sharuna just looked at him, head to toe, hissed and made to walk away



He held her left hand, trying to hold her back “I’m talking……”


A very defeaning slap arrested his remaining words



His cheek flushed and he left her hand instantly



Sharuna looked at him for a second fuming, and then she walked away.





Ndozi Nuellitta



To Be Continued



Are you guys getting anything at all??


Same birthday date with Kes?


The owner of the institution is the father of the birthday celebrant??


He named it after his two sons; KESLEY



Are you getting what I’m getting??



Lol… but I felt the hot slap for the guy



Love y’all










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