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Chapter Thirty Eight













AS soon as Kesmanee was out of the building, he headed towards the garden, oblivious of the fact that Sharuna was trailing behind



He knew her to be very smart, so he tried his best not to talk, knowing very much well, she would recognize him from his voice



He was happy and amazed that she could now see, but was sad and heartbroken that his brother had taken her



All thanks to the accident that had kept him in the dungeon and caused all these to happen



Sharuna on her own part had a feeling that Priceley’s best friend might be Kesmanee



She was determined to find out, and she followed him quietly



She wasn’t aware Priceley was behind, neither of them was aware



Kesmanee walked stealthily towards the garden, his hands behind him, he didn’t know Sharuna was following, he didn’t even expect her to



Then, they were some kids playing along the terrace and suddenly, a girl tripped and fell



Kesmanee rushed to help her up



“Be careful kid”, he said





It was his voice, she couldn’t mistake it anywhere



“What! So it’s you”, Sharuna exclaimed, shouting, startling Kesmanee



He abruptly turned and was surprised to see her



He was shocked



“Oh my God! Yes, it’s you”, she said walking further towards him



“Sharuna?”, they turned towards the direction of the voice, it was Priceley



She was shocked



“What do you think you are doing Runa?”, Priceley demanded furiously



She became lost for words


“I……. I was……”, she stuttered



“You were just what?”, he was angry



Kesmanee just watched the both of them in awe



“Will you get back into the house”, he commanded her



She could notice the anger in his voice, and it didn’t call for argument



She turned and ran back into the house



Priceley watched her leave and then he turned to Kesmanee



“You okay?”, he asked him



He nodded


“Yeah, I’m fine”



“Come into the house”, he intoned



Kesmanee shook his head


“I’m fine Priceley. I just wanted to be alone”, and he walked away



Priceley shrugged and went back into the house



Sharuna got into her room in a haste and locked the door



Then she flopped down on the bed, and in few minutes, was already lost in thoughts



Was that really Kesmanee?


Was that?



Ohh Jesus


She had to think



“Come on, think, think”, she said and hit her head


Then it dawned on her


KESLEY; the name of the institution



Dr Sujit had once told her that Mr Bennett had named it after his two sons



Kes from Kesmanee, and Ley from Priceley Yes, that was it



But hold on


Priceley said he’s his best friend, not brother


But Mr Bennett had named the institution after his two sons


How come??





She remembered now



Hadn’t Kesmanee had once told her that he was an orphan and had been adopted by his best friend parents?



That they had made him what he is today?


Yes, he had told her so



Ohh Jesus


Why had she forgotten? Why?



Now, she has to find out if he was really Kesmanee, yes, she has to before jumping into conclusion and then taking action



She closed her eyes and instantly, sleep enveloped her










Days has passed, the marriage was just few days away, and still, nothing, nothing has been done



She had absolutely done nothing



Kesmanee on his own part, was making matters worst



He had been avoiding her, not wanting to reveal his identity



But why?


Something is wrong somewhere



She had called her mother immediately after her research





Vida had screamed at it, that he was the one



“Don’t worry daughter, I will speak to Dr Sujit”, she had said



But since then, nothing had been heard again



She was standing in front of the dressing mirror lost in thoughts when the door opened, and Priceley sauntered in



He walked up to her and embraced her from behind



“Still thinking?”, he kissed her on her hair



She decided to pretend


“No”, she shook her head


“I’m not”, she laughed



“Come here”, he carried her to the bed


“You face looks swollen this morning”, he mocked her, laughing



“Stupid”, she said and threw him a pillow



He caught it and threw it back at her, she threw it back They were now pillow-fighting



Then the voice struck her again


Yes, she couldn’t mistake it, anywhere, anytime


It was Kesmanee’s voice



It came from outside, downstairs


Seems he was talking too loud



She immediately stopped the pillow fight, and walked to the window, to look at him



And true to her thoughts, it was him


It was Kesmanee



She smiled as she stared, instantly forgetting that Priceley was in the room with her



“What’s wrong with you Sharuna?”, he asked



“I’m sorry I don’t know”, she was still looking out the window



“And you are still staring”, he angry


Then she slowly turned and walked back to the bed



“Can I ask a question?”, she said



He sighed





“What’s his name? I mean your best friend”, funny she didn’t even know his name yet



Priceley became mad at her


He was angry



He stood up


“I don’t know”






“I said I don’t know”, and he walked to the door


“You have succeeded in maiming today”, and he walked out.



Ndozi Nuellitta



To Be Continued



Why is Kes hiding his identity from her?


And has Priceley noticed something going on between his fiancee and best friend ??



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Love y’all










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