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On God







Author :this is not a fantasy story and i will not be writing it in drama but in prose. This is my first time writing in prose, please bare with me incase of any mistakes




Grrng, Grnng, Grrng, Grrng


That was the sound of my annoying phone waking me up from my beauty sleep Oh who is calling me



I said with my eyes closed still lying on the bed. I picked the call and answered it without looking at my screen to see who the person calling me might be.




i said to the person calling me on my phone


Jina, pls do not tell me you are still sleeping


Yes Jina, that is my name


Oh min ji. It you, Goodmorning. Am still sleeping so? I answered


Well don’t you know you have a job interview today at that coffee shop today


Job interview! i shouted as i opened my eyes and stood up abruptly like sleeping as now become a crime for me


Oh my God, how did i forget this i said panicking


Well it 9:56 already and you have to be there by then, if you get fired, i am not going to get you another job, infact i don’t even know where to get you another job, you are so irresponsible, so……..


I dropped the phone without hanging up leaving her to shout on the phone. I dashed into the bathroom like I was being chased by a wild raccoon and it was only a matter of few minutes before i was out of the bathroom. I put on any available thing in my closet ‘pile of junk’ to be precise, rushed down the stairs and kissed the pictures of my favourite k-pop idols on the wall ‘EFX’

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EFX is like the number one pop group here in Seoul, they are the best of the best and i will do anything, i mean absolutely to take a selfie with the leader of the group the most handsome and absolutely dashing Hyuk, seoul number one hottie and every ladies dream mab, including me i won’t lie



Well before i continue my life story let me introduce myself i am lee jina a tall cute slim and wacky 23 years old lady , yes am wacky, i don’t need anyone to tell me that. I love rapping that my talent anyway, orphan girl cause i grew up in the orphanage, i really don’t know my dad and mum, all i had from sister Mary one of the orphanage sisters is that they found me by the road side. Pretty sad uhn i mean how can someone be so cruel to the extent that they abandoned a little baby by the road side. Anyway enough with the introduction


I was running down the street going to SHAN CEI COFFEE for my interview, i


do not want to loose this job because i have been fired three times in a row .



Now running down the street trying to get to my job interview before i loose this job then all of a sudden something caught my eyes


“A rap battle”


Holy shit i cannot miss that, i must not miss that. I stopped running towards my job interview pretty stupid right. I walked towards the rap guys


He was pretty good and he just pulverized that girl in a rap battle


Anyone think they can beat the rap king he shouted


Should i do it, he is good but i know am better, i think i should give it a try. No forget it, i have a job interview


Looks like everyone here is chicken to face me he shouted again


Oh that does it, forget about the job interview, i am gonna grind this guy into dust powders



I am willing to give it a try i shouted as everyone gasps my direction as i walked towards the rap guy

and turns their face to



You, but you just a girl, think you can beat me he said


Amma give a try dude i answered



Well grap a Mike will waist no time on you he said with a proud look on his face


I smiled and picked up the mike as he played beats on the speaker


‘Come on dude, you go first’ i said


‘With pleasure’ he answered



yo chick you wanna beat the rap master


Amma beat u up, grind you and make you run faster


You should now am the king


Am gonna make you go ding


My bitches be going Bling


Sing, sing, sing sing………


He was good, but am better



Hey yo i like proofing niggas wrong, i do what dey say i can’t Not my word that cardi b


If you think you king i am the queen b ……..


Immediately i finished my wrap the so called king of rap could not say a thing


I did it, i definitely won, the guy is pure dust lesson learned do not think you are the best there will surely be someone better than you . Now i feel like am forgetting something, oh no, my job interview. I checked the watch around my wrist and boom it 10:30, i was suppose to be there by ten, am so not Gettin this job.


‘Hello miss can i talk to you’a man in black suite said but I ignored him so i can go for my job interview. The most surprising part is this man refused to back off


Am so sorry sir can you please excuse me i have to go somewhere like ASAP’ i said.


‘I really need to talk to you i am Mr Kang and..’


I did not allow him finish his statement before interrupting him


‘Am so sorry mr Kang but i won’t be able to talk to you’ i replied


‘Well here is my card, call me, i can help you ‘ he said as he handover his card to me


I collected the card from him and ran towards the coffee shop with as fast as my long legs can carry




I was going to my music company when something caught my eyes. I parked my black Mercedes benz and walked closer to the battle arena


She is talented, i mean i know of most popular female rappers but this girl is like the best. So natural. I am the manager of a popular k-pop group ‘EFX’ and i am sure she will have no problem with getting into one of the most popular school, EFX music school. I tried to talk to her but she was not willing to listen to me, i guess she is in a hurry. I gave her my card hoping she will will call me because talents like that must never go to waste




Am sorry but we but the job has been taken by someone else the manager said


But why I replied




But why?, she said with this wierd look on her face come here by ten and this is 11:00 she said


you where suppose to



Am so sorry i said



Well am also sorry but there’s no job for you here, now go she said and walks away


I came out of the restaurant looking pretty upset, this is not fair, i really wanted that job so i can get into EFX musical school now it seems am never gonna get in. I looked at the card mr Kang gave me area. I squeezed it in my palm and threw it away


What do i need that for anyway


…………To be continued…………….




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