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Chapter Forty One









“Priceley yyyyyyyyyy”, Priceley heard Kesmanee’s voice, as he shouted and falling to the ground



He immediately realized himself, and he dropped the revolver and ran up to him



There was blood everywhere



Kesmanee couldn’t see or feel anything, everywhere was blurred and faint



“You have killed him……. you have killed him”, he heard Sharuna’s voice as


she wailed



He was hearing faintly



“Bro…….I’m sorry. I’m sorry”, he heard Priceley’s voice, faint too



His eyes twirled, his head spined



And soon, he passed out










Days had passed since Kesmanee was admitted into the hospital



The bullet hadn’t penetrated much and therefore, giving him just a minor injury on the arm



He lay on his back on the bed in his ward, the nurse had just removed him from drip saying that he was strong enough now



So, he just laid, face up



The door opened, Priceley and Sharuna entered



This must be the hundredth time they would be visiting, they always visit at least three times in a day



“Hey bro”, Priceley called and walked up to him on the bed and stood beside it



“Hi Kes”, Sharuna called and sat on the bed beside him



Kesmanee smiled and turned to them



“How are you feeling now?”, Priceley asked



“I’m okay”, he replied



“Are you sure?”, Sharuna asked and he laughed



“I’m fine now”




Then there was silence for a while


Priceley broke it



“Bro” he called, “I’m really sorry for what happened and the pain I’ve made you pass through. I’m sorry”, he pleaded, touching his hands slightly



Kesmanee smiled and shook his head and then, he tried sitting up



“Can you?”, Sharuna asked startled, helping him to sit up, Priceley assisted



“Of course”, he replied and sat up on the bed


“It’s nothing Priceley, I’ve already forgiven you”, he said



Priceley heaved a sigh of relief


“I’m meaning to say this, I’m sorry if it gonna offend any of you, but I have to, can I?”, he asked



Kesmanee and Sharuna glanced at each other



“Go ahead”, Kesmanee intoned



“Okay. It seems something is going on between the two of you, I mean, the manner with which it all happened at the marriage hall, and with the way everything has been happening since Kesmanee came back from the hospital, I don’t see it as ordinary. There’s more to it than meets the eye, so please can you guys care to spare me?”



They looked at each other and Sharuna nodded slightly, like giving him the go ahead




Kesmanee sighed



“Priceley, I know it would shock you. Sharuna here is really my lady, she was the one I was always telling you about when you were once out of the country”






The words hit Priceley like a bomb, he couldn’t believe it



His mouth fell wide open as he looked from Kesmanee to Sharuna He was dumbfounded



“Ohh my God! Are you serious?”, he finally found his voice



Sharuna nodded


“Yes Priceley, he was the fiance, that my fiance I also once told you about”



Now Priceley was…….stupefied and flabbergasted



He placed his right hand on his head, as the words sank in Then the hand went to his face, he covered his eyes, digesting the information



“My goodness! But what happened? Why did you two separate?”, he asked



“Well, it was the accident bro. The accident cut off whatever connections we had, only for me to be back, and she was already taken”



“But I thought……. you said she’s blind”



Sharuna took over


“Yeah, I was blind. Dr Sujit performed a surgery on me, and that was how I started living with him after the success of it”, she explained





The news was too much for a day



He walked up to the window and looked outside, then he returned to the bed



“Bro, I’m sorry”, he pleaded, “I didn’t know she was the one, I didn’t. But you guys should have told me, why did you keep quiet over it?”



They turned to look at themselves



“Well, Dr Sujit said we shouldn’t”, Sharuna said



Priceley ran his hands through his hair



“I’m really sorry bro, I didn’t know she was the lady you always talked about”



Kesmanee smiled


“No need to be sorry, it was our fault. We didn’t say anything”



Priceley sighed


“Well bro, I know it’s hard and difficult, but I can’t because of one thing put a dent on the friendship we have built for over thirty six years now”, he paused hesitating



Then he took a step forward, took Sharuna’s left hand and placed it in that of Kesmanee’s



“You can have her. She’s yours”, he said




What gratitude!



Sharuna couldn’t believe her ears, she looked at him inquiringly



“Are you serious Priceley?”, she asked



“I know it’s difficult, but I have to. I’m damn serious”



“Woohoo!”, Sharuna exclaimed and jumped on Kesmanee, they held onto each other in a passionate embrace



Then she got up and hugged Priceley slightly


“Thank you so much, thank you”, she said, she was already crying



“You are welcome”, he smiled as they disengaged from the hug



Kesmanee got up and hugged him


“Thanks Mannie, you are truly a brother and a best friend”, he said



“Brotherly love”, Priceley said as they disengaged



Instantly a knock on the door interrupted



“Come in”, Priceley said



The door opened and Dr Sujit entered



“Hey Dad”, Sharuna shouted and ran to him, they hugged



“Hey angel”, he said and walked to the bed


“Good afternoon doctor”, Kesmanee and Priceley greeted in unison



He smiled


“Yeah. I can see Kesmanee is fine now”, he said



“Yes doc”



He nodded, smiling


“Well, I came to check on you. Thank God you are okay now”



“Yeah, I’m fine”



“Er……. Sharuna?”, Dr Sujit called



“Yes dad”



“I’m sorry for everything that happened, I mean forcing you into something you don’t like. I’m really sorry daughter”, he pleaded



She smiled


“It’s ok dad. Thank God you realized on time and retraced your steps”



He smiled


“So, everything is fine now right?”



They all nodded, smiling


“Yeah”, Priceley said



“Okay I’ll have to get going now. Priceley?”, he called



“Yes doc”



“Your dad sent me a message for you, we need to go somewhere to get it done. Are you free?”



Priceley turned to look at Kesmanee and Sharuna



“Will you two be okay?”, he asked



They nodded


“Sure”, Kesmanee replied



“Okay then, I’ll be leaving now. Let me go attend to dad”



“Bye dad”, Sharuna said smiling



“Bye dear. Take care and be careful”, she laughed



“Take care”, Kesmanee said and they left the ward



As soon as they had left, Sharuna turned to look at Kesmanee Their eyes met



They stared at each other for seconds, looking into each other’s eyes



She felt the tears welling in her eyes, she tried holding them back, she couldn’t and they ran down her face



“Don’t”, Kesmanee said and kissed her tears, on each eye



“I’m here for you now”, he added and took her hands in his They were both sitting on the bed




“I missed you”, she managed to say



“I missed you too”, and he brought his lips to hers and they kissed so










As soon as Dr Sujit finished with Priceley, he headed straight to Vida’s boutique



He halted at the parking lot and sauntered into the boutique



Henrietta wasn’t around






He saw Vida at the dressing compartment



“Hi Vida”, he waved slightly



“Wow! Dr Sujit, you’re here?”, she said and walked up to him



“Yeah. Came to see you”



“Nice of you”, she commended



“Your daughter is okay now, very okay”



She smiled and nodded


“I know”



He sighed



“Well, I wanted to buy some feminine clothes and I will need you to do the choosing for me. You know I’m not into these women stuff”



They laughed


“I will help”, she said





Women’s clothes? For who exactly?


For his regulars probably



But wait


Why is she becoming somewhat jealous



“What kind do you need? Gowns, blouses and skirts or trousers? Which exactly?”, she asked



He thought for a while and shook his head slightly



“I don’t really know. Which do you think she may like?”





Who’s she?



Do your job Vida and forget ‘she’



She shrugged


“I don’t know. I don’t know her taste, you should have asked her”, she said



“Okay, which do you prefer? Let me use your taste”



She shrugged


“Gowns then”






“How many?”, she asked already selecting sweet fitted gowns



“How many do you prefer? Remember I said we should use your taste”



She laughed


“Six then, of different patterns and designs”, she said



She went to the gowns rack, selected six beautiful gowns and packaged them into a bag



“Here”, she gave them to him



“How much?”, he said without taking them



She told her, he paid and then looked at her



“For you Vida”, he said



“What!”, she gasped



He laughed


“It’s for you, it’s from my heart”



She couldn’t believe her ears



“Wow, thanks so much, but I didn’t remember asking”, she said



He laughed and walked to the door


“That’s why I said, it’s from my heart”






“I will be expecting you tonight for dinner. By six at Cavicha”, he said without mincing words






He winked


“See you there”, and he left.





Ndozi Nuellitta



To Be Continued



Love y’all












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